9 Best table tennis rubbers for intermediate players

best rubber review for intermediate player

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Today i am going to summarize 9 best table tennis rubber especially recommended for intermediate players based on speed, roatation, and control performance.

Also, we are going to see how to choose a rubber as an intermediate player. what are the priorities?

As an intermediate player, you can’t choose a rubber like a beginner does or you shouldn’t fancy at this stage to use the rubber advance players do. So we selected rubbers that fit exactly for you.

(Note: you may find some of the beginners and advance player using these following rubbers. Don’t worry about that.)

Here are the rubbers.

Rubber Performance
Yasaka Mark V HPSSpeed
Butterfly RoundellSpeed
Nittaku HammondSpeed
Yasaka RiganRotation
XIOM Vega ProRotation
Yasaka Rakza 7 SoftRotation
XIOM Vega EuropeControl
Butterfly RozenaControl
XIOM Omega VII ProControl

How to choose a rubber as an intermediate player?

Select from the performance you want to prioritize

The first way to choose the intermediate rubber is “choose from the performance you want to prioritize”. This is the most important point.

Like do want to prioritize spin, Speed or control? Think about that first. This will lead you to make an easy decision.

Each rubber has its own characteristics. For example, Some Rubber rotates frequently, Some Rubber gives you speed, some Rubber is easy to control, etc.

Recommended rubber will change depending on which performance is prioritized. If you know what kind of performance you want the rubber to provide, it is not so difficult to choose a rubber.

Below in the article, we introduce recommended rubbers that match each performance. Use it to choose the right one.

There are two criteria for determining the rubber performance you want to prioritize. Either strengthen your strengths or cover your weaknesses.

I chose the rubber to cover the shortcomings. If your mistakes are noticeable, choose a rubber that is easy to control. 

Select from playing style

The second way to choose an intermediate rubber is to choose from a playing style (tactical type).

Various types of table tennis rubber are sold depending on the playing style. You need to choose a rubber that suits your playing style, such as “attack type”, “defensive type”, and “allround type”.

There are various play styles in table tennis. I think that among the beginners who solidify the basic skills, they didn’t pay much attention to their playing style.

On the other hand, intermediate players decide their own playing style and practice according to their style.

The rubber is also the same as the play style. You can get stronger by choosing a rubber that suits your type.

Refer to the review

The third way to choose the intermediate rubber is “Refer to the review”.

The performance of the rubber is given in numerical values ​​by each manufacturer. You should give them a chance but what is even more helpful is the review of the person who actually used it. 

Online reviews (Amazon reviews, Twitter reviews, etc.) are helpful.

More helpful than online reviews are reviewes by people close to you. If you are a member of a club, ask your seniors and classmates what they think of the rubber used. If possible, let’s actually hit it.

Also, you can depend on the table tennis equipment store, you may try to attach a rubber with a racket.  Although the rubber that can be tried is limited.

Many of the staff members at table tennis supply stores are themselves experienced in table tennis. So basically I like talking.

If you consult “I want a rubber that fits this playstyle” or “I want a rubber that has this performance”, he will be happy to give you advice.

Experience of using rubber

The fourth way to choose the intermediate rubber is “the experience of using the rubber you have used”.

I think there is a rubber that I have used to reach the intermediate level. The experience of using the rubber is the standard when choosing a new rubber.

For example, if you’re using high-elasticity rubber and feel it’s lacking momentum, try your hand at a tension rubber. If you are not satisfied with the rotation, try choosing a rubber that is strong against rotation.

By doing so, you will be able to gradually select a rubber that suits you.

You can go to online reviews and the voices of seniors and classmates, but the most important thing is your sense. 

Recommended rubber for intermediate users [by performance]

Recommended for Players who want speed

Mark V HPS

Find it here on Amazon

■ Speed

■ Spin

■ Control

Yasaka’s highly elastic rubber “Mark V HPS”. It is a speed-enhanced version of the Mark V series, which has many users. Speed ​​performance has improved while maintaining the control performance of the Mark V.

The newly developed “Hybrid Power Sponge (HPS)” is mounted on the Mark V sheet to increase the repulsive force.

There are many users who praise this one. The most popular opinion is that it has good speed and controllability. It seems that it is a well-balanced rubber.


  • Feeling that speed was added to the control performance of Mark V. I’ve been using this rubber for a couple of years now. Really easy to use.
  • It’s well balanced If you change to a rubber that gives you speed, there are many out mistakes, but this rubber is a little different.
  • The first piece was Mark V. The second piece was also Mark V. I tried using this rubber for the third time. I was always able to move smoothly.
  • The sponge is different from Mark V, but I realized the difference.
  • This is good and especially recommended for intermediate users.


Find it here on Megaspin

■ Speed

■ Spin

Butterfly tension rubber. Recommended for beginners to intermediate users. The control performance is excellent with the soft sheet and sponge.

Just because you have good control doesn’t mean you’re slow. Even if you hit it lightly, you can get a considerable speed. 

Also recommended for those who are thinking about trying out a tension rubber for the first time.


  • I tried using roundell thickness. I’m quite satisfied with it. Especially easy to block.
  • I tried changing from high elasticity rubber to tension type rubber. After all, the tension rubber gives speed.
  • It’s fast and easy to spin. I think it is an excellent rubber.
  • A rubber that I would like to recommend even to beginners who are new to intermediate levels. What I want to say is that it is easy to control.
  • The attack and defense are well balanced. A rubber that can be used with all-round type.


Find it here on Amazon

■ Speed

■ Spin

Nittaku’s high-elasticity rubber “Hammond”. A rubber that gives some speed and good control. It seems to be a well-balanced intermediate players rubber.

In the reviews, there was a conspicuous voice saying, “Slightly unsatisfactory.” 

It seems that the reason is that the speed and spin performance are lower than those of other recommended rubbers instead of being easy to control.

It is a rubber that can be recommended from the beginning. Beginner to the intermediate level.


  • I think that it is the one that bounces well among the high elastic rubbers. I think the smash’s ball speed has increased.
  • There is speed, but rotation should be suppressed. It’s easy to control, so I think it’s for beginners to intermediate users. It may feel unsatisfactory for advanced users.
  • Recommended rubber for the backhand. Is it a little unsatisfactory on the foreground?
  • A rubber with a good balance of speed, rotation and control. I got the feeling of intermediate.
  • When used on the foreground, it is slightly difficult to rotate. It’s stable when it’s blocked, though.

Recommended for those who want to emphasize rotation

Yasaka Rigan

Yasaka rigan spin rubber

Find it on here on Megaspin

■ Speed

■ Spin

■ Control

Review for Yasaka’s rubber “Rigan”. 

Rotational performance can be expected with the top sheet made mainly of natural rubber.

And the sponge is soft, so it’s easy to control. It is a rubber that can be recommended for players who want to improve rotation.


  • Really easy to use. I changed from Mark V because I wanted to strengthen the rotation, but I feel that Rigan is better in terms of controllability. 
  • I pasted it on the backside. I put a heavy rubber on the fore surface, so I chose a lighter Rigan in order to balance it. I chose it lightly in many ways, but I was surprised that it was easier to use than I imagined. 
  • Easy to rotate and easy to control. A rubber aimed at intermediate players.
  • The price is low and the performance is good. Maybe it’s Yasaka’s masterpiece.
  • It feels more spinning than Vega. The soft rubber makes it easy to control the ball.

Vega Pro

Find it here on Amazon

■ Speed

■ Spin

XIOM’s rubber “Vega Pro”. The popular Vega series. A hard rubber that uses a hard sponge and a hard sheet. The shot feeling has a strong impression.

It is a rotating rubber that can be recommended for those who want to emphasize rotation. It is also recommended that it has good durability.


  • The drive is stable. It is a rubber that makes it easy for you to rotate.
  • Used on the foreground. It is useful because it can be easily rotated even in serve and drive. When in doubt, I choose Vega Pro. Cospa is also good.
  • It was my first time using a hard rubber, so I was a little worried, but I was afraid. It’s a rubber with perfect spin, speed and control.
  • A rubber that you can see most of the time at competitions. I feel that there are a lot of players who are putting this rubber on among intermediate level. It’s not so good as its popularity, but it’s a standard.
  • I like Vega because I always like cospa. It seems to be durable, so you may continue to use it forever. (It doesn’t mean that you can’t replace it)

Rakza 7 Soft

Find it here on Amazon

■ Speed

■ Spin

■ Control

Review for Yasaka’s rubber “Rakza 7 Soft”. 

Since it is softer than Rakza 7 which is a rotating rubber, control performance is improved.

The weight is light and it is easy to swing the racket and hit easily. New power sponge is added. It improves your spin immensely.


  • A rubber that is easy to rotate and easy to speed up.
  • Because it is soft rubber, I think that it is easy for anyone to handle. Drive, serve, Tsutsuki, basic rotation can be applied evenly.
  • Used for the back side. Whether the control performance is good or not, I was able to use it even with a back that I am not good at.
  • If you want to buy a spinning rubber, you have to choose either Rigan or Rakza 7 Soft.
  • It’s easy to spin, but it feels a little hard to fly. If you combine it with a racket containing carbon instead of wood, it may be well balanced.

Recommended for those who want control

Vega Europe

Find it here on amazon

■ Speed

■ Spin

■ Control

Review for XIOM’s rubber “Vega Europe”. 

It is a rubber that focuses on ease of handling in the Vega series.

The control performance is excellent due to the soft sponge and soft sheet. And the spin is just outstanding.


  • I use it on the fore side. When you hit the drive, it is firmly grabbed, so it is easy to rotate.
  • It has good momentum, good rotation, and is easy to control. I think it is a versatile rubber.
  • It’s soft and easy to handle. Since I switched to Vega Europe, the number of receiving mistakes has decreased.
  • It is useful because it is easy to perform shots like chiquita and stop.
  • Used on the back side. The result is that the back drive and blocks are fairly stable.


Find it here in amazon

■ Speed

■ Spin

Review for Butterfly rubber “Rozena”. 

The feature is the newly developed “Spring Sponge”. This sponge makes it a rubber with a good balance of speed, rotation and stability.

The official description even says, “The performance is closer to the legendary rubber.” 

I thought it was a bit overkill, but when I look at the high reviews, I don’t think it’s too much.

Anyway, it is a well-balanced rubber. It is fast and spins good.


  • Performance like between Tenergy 64 and 80. It gives you speed, and it takes some rotation. The sponge is also soft, making it easy to control.
  • Since the sponge is soft, you can feel the feeling of hitting firmly. It is a rubber that is easy to use in the fore and back.
  • You can take spin, speed, and control. It’s just an Intermediate rubber.
  • High price, but good return. This rubber is recommended for beginners to intermediate users.
  • If you can’t put your hands on tenergy but want a high-performance rubber, Rozena is recommended.

Omega VII Pro

Find it here on Amazon

■ Speed

■ Spin

■ Control

XIOM’s rubber “Omega VII Pro” Review. 

Cycloid technology improves rotation performance and power. Because it is a soft rubber, controllability is also perfect.

If you want to raise the downside, the price is high. But does it worth it? for me, yes, it pretty much does.


  • It takes a lot of rotation and has good momentum. I put it on the foreground and hit the speed drive.
  • I was surprised at the high performance when I bought it boldly. 
  • Performance is the best. But it’s expensive.
  • Both spin and speed are good. Since the sponge is soft, it is easy to control. Not recommended for people who like hard rubber.
  • The power of smash is considerable. So I recommend sticking it on the front side.

Also you might like to know about how long do table tennis rubber last?


Hope this was helpful to you. I want to congratulate you for leveling yourself up to intermediate from beginner. This is a stage for you to build yourself up for the best phase of your career. So, choose the things that you need wisely.

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