Best ways to maintain and clean a ping pong table easily

How do you maintain and clean a ping pong table? From purchase to transport, from cleaning to maintenance, we will reveal all the tricks to make your table last a long time and make the most of it in any weather.

To talk about table tennis maintenance, a distinction must be made between indoor and outdoor tables. The two types of ping pong tables, in fact, require different precautions.

Maintenance of outdoor ping pong tables

Many outdoor ping pong tables are designed to last for years. Even though, the following steps should be taken to keep it fit as long as possible.

  • First, it is necessary to clean them periodically, using a product that is not corrosive.
  • To make the table last longer and above all to maintain high quality, avoiding damage and degradation of the playing surface, it is recommended to always store the table in a covered place at the end of the game.
  • This advice is especially valid in summer when too violent sun rays risk discoloring the table and changing its structure.
  • In winter, that is when the weather conditions are not clear, it is recommended to use a table cover.
  • The sheet allows you to save your playing surface from hail, snow, and guano.
  • Non-rust ferrous materials are also protected, which live better if covered. Finally, the cover improves the performance of the net and of the plastic supports, which in this way last longer.
  • In winter, an alternative to the cover can be to transport the table inside, with the double advantage of snowing the damage caused by exposure to the weather and allowing play and fun even in the cold months!

Unlike indoor tables, in fact, garden tables can be used indifferently in open and closed spaces and this also justifies their slightly higher price.

Maintenance of indoor ping pong tables

If you have a game room or a space inside your home dedicated to sport and leisure, buying a ping pong table can be the right choice!

The “indoor” version of the ping pong tables is less expensive than the outdoor one because these tables have to withstand much more hospitable climatic conditions!

On the other hand, they do not lend themselves in any way to use in outdoor spaces, where they risk being ruined very soon.

However, there is no danger as long as proper maintenance is carried out!

  • First, the tables should be cleaned periodically by removing dust with a soft cloth and categorically avoiding corrosive or alcohol-based materials.
  • To keep the table surface dry at all times, liquids must be removed immediately in the event of a fall. 
  • Finally, if the table remains unused for a long time, it may be convenient to cover it with a sheet, thus avoiding the buildup of dust and dirt.

Replacement of spare parts

Over the years, parts of the ping pong table can get damaged. In this case, it is possible to replace them with spare parts at a cost of a few tens of dollars.

The parts that need to be replaced after some time are:

supports for the net: usually made of metal, they are used to keep the net straight and tight, hooking it to the table. On the market, there are also universal supports that adapt to tables of any brand and model

net: the net is the part that is ruined first, so it is good to replace it to always have the maximum game performance

replacement tables: in the case of professional ping pong tables, it may be appropriate to replace the table to guarantee perfect quality.

Maintain ping pong table while Transporting

When buying a ping pong table, be careful not to damage it during transport. Some companies offer special packaging that is used precisely to avoid this kind of problem.

If you buy online, you can also request packaging for home delivery.

If you consider yourself carrying your table with your own vehicles, I would recommend you to go read this article to see if a ping pong table fits in your vehicle or not.

The enemies of outdoor ping pong tables

To keep the color and quality of the game surface unchanged even after hundreds of hours, the outdoor models of ping pong tables must be protected from the birds’ guano,which is a corrosive and very harmful material in fact also for car bodies. 

Two other enemies of the tennis tables are rain and sea salt.

Snow, hail, and ice water are very dangerous agents. 

Finally, let’s not forget that even the sun, after a few years, can cause the loss of the original color of the playing surface.

But don’t worry! With the right maintenance and choosing quality products, your table will allow you to play undisturbed for many years!

Features and materials of ping pong tables: you need to know before cleaning

Let’s know about materials for ping pong tables that will help you taking care of your table flawlessly.

The outdoor tables are designed to be left perpetually in the open air without the game surface being deformed. 

Thanks to the use of aluminum laminate and the special ultraviolet rays anti-lacquering, the surface of these tables are particularly resistant. 

To make the tables more resistant are the frames in the aluminum section of about 50 mm, with ALU-TEC structure and cutting-edge materials.

The only problem encountered when leaving a ping pong table outside (and this happens with any model of any brand) is wear, which will certainly affect the net and the supports. 

Not bad, because the pieces that wear out can be replaced by buying ping pong accessories in any shop for a few dollars. 

Let’s not forget that companies are now able to produce accessories and components that last longer, even a few years.  

What kind of maintenance does a Cornilleau outdoor ping pong table need?

To ensure a long life for the outdoor table it is advisable to have these little tricks:

  • It is preferable not to leave the table in the snow for long periods. If you have the possibility, we recommend you to keep it during the winter on a porch or veranda. It is also possible to bring it indoors, to be able to use it all year round.
  • It is advisable to clean the table periodically, rubbing the surfaces with a damp cloth to eliminate dust and other debris, do not use corrosive products, we recommend using the specific Cornilleau product for cleaning the table.
  • To keep the table in optimal conditions for a long time and protect it from dust and dirt, use the Cornilleau waterproof protective sheet.
  • Long exposure to the sun and ultraviolet rays, without altering the technical characteristics of the table, can lead to a color fading.
  • Can I leave the ping pong table outside all year round?
  • If you have an outdoor Cornilleau table, then the answer is yes. All Cornilleau outdoor tables are resistant to sun, rain, snow and frost and can easily remain outside without risk of damage. However, the use of a protective sheet is recommended. The purpose of the cover is not only to keep the table dry but also to keep it clean so that it is always ready for use.
    It also ensures a longer life of the table.

What kind of maintenance does a Cornilleau indoor ping pong table need?

To ensure a long-lasting indoor table, it is advisable to have these little tricks:

  • Of course, don’t leave the table outside.
  • Do not pour liquids (drinks) onto the game surface.

If this happens, dry immediately by absorbing the liquid with a dry cloth, taking care not to spread it.

  • It is advisable to periodically clean the table with a cloth to eliminate dust and other residues. We recommend using the specific Cornilleau product for cleaning the table.
  • To clean the table do not use products based on alcohol, ammonia and other corrosive agents.
  • For better protection of the table from dust during long periods of
    inactivity, the use of the Cornilleau protective sheet is recommended.

How to clean your ping pong table?

Due to various hazards or just due to its usual use, you may need to clean your ping pong table. Whether it’s an indoor or outdoor table, you need to make sure your table is always well maintained.

This is the reason why you need to learn how to clean your ping pong table. To get there, you will need to follow these few important instructions.

Here are some tips to help you.

Elements you need to clean the ping pong table

In order to properly maintain your ping-pong table, there are certain essential elements involved. First of all, you should know that you cannot use solvent or acidic liquids in order to damage the paint on the table.

It is therefore important to have vinegar and water. Then you need to equip yourself with rags, a screwdriver, and a container.

Water and vinegar

For the maintenance of your ping pong table, it is important that you have vinegar and water. 

It is, therefore, necessary to make a moderate mixture of the two liquids which will serve to thoroughly clean the table and to strip it of the dust and the stains which assault it.


You need two or three rags. One will be used to clean the table with the liquid solution obtained by the mixture of water and vinegar. The second and third will be used to clean the table after the rinsing phase.


The screwdriver has no other use than to remove the supports from the net in order to dismantle it. It is therefore used to dismantle all the parts of the table that you want to clean thoroughly.

In case the thread is not screwed, you don’t need a screwdriver.

The bucket

Among all the important elements to ensure effective cleaning, we have the bucket which is one of the most important. The bucket is used to contain the mixture previously obtained by the mixture of water and vinegar.

The essential steps of the cleaning

The maintenance of ping-pong tables is done according to very specific steps, necessary to observe, in order to carry out good maintenance. 

Thus, we can distinguish four to five important steps.

  • First, you must prepare all the tools that must be used to maintain the table, water, vinegar, rags, screwdriver, and bucket. 
  • Then mix the water and vinegar in the bucket and stir it so that they become one liquid.
  • The next step is to dismantle the thread using the screwdriver. Then dip the cloth in the mixture obtained then rub, using the soaked cloth. The surface of the table should be rubbed well until the spots that are noticeable on the table disappear. This exercise must be accompanied by automatic rinsing.
  • Then rinse well with simple water. 
  • Finally, redo the same mixture of water and vinegar and let the fillet immerse there for a quarter of an hour. Then take it out and dry it. Now you can clean the table with a simple, neat cloth.
Net maintenance

After the table, you will have to wash your net. In this case, you just need to immerse it in the solution with the vinegar and after washing by hand, you will rinse it with water.

You can put it to dry in the sun. When everything is dry, you will just have to redo the assembly. The cleaning should not be done again until one or two months later.

Reason to maintain and clean your ping pong table

The ping pong tables greatly impact the pleasure of play and comfort. Also, if you have an outdoor ping pong table, You need to take care of dirt or dust.

Because these create problems that any player seeks to avoid.

Not only wind also rain and snow: your outdoor table tennis table is always exposed to different rough weather.

Fortunately, taking care of a ping pong table is not so difficult, also quick and accessible to all. All you need is the right instruments for practical and lasting maintenance.

Precautions to take

Before you start cleaning, there are a few things to keep in mind and most importantly, take certain precautions for your health and the health of your ping pong table.

What you will need before any maintenance is gloves. This is not always necessary, but this hygiene rule can be important to follow if you want to do the cleaning without any risk.

Regarding the table, the use of vinegar is recommended, because this liquid is safe and above all is not aggressive and would do nothing against the table.

The table tennis table is a painted table and its paints are used not only for the beauty of the table but also for play. The use of an aggressive cleaning product would risk destroying the paint and also the table.

Finally, before any maintenance, always remove the net and maintain it later. The table legs are also cleaned later.


For more efficiency, you can also take care of an outdoor ping pong table by a cover. This is the absolute bulwark against dust, leaves, and all kinds of dirt.

If you want to fold and store it, choose a suitable place that can shelter it from the wind and rain. This way you can avoid so many risks of harm caused by the overturning. Prefer a garage for shelter or keep it against a wall for more security.

Can I use an indoor table outside the house if I keep it under a veranda, roof, etc. ?

No, the indoor tables are not suitable for outdoor use, the only way to prevent the tops from being damaged in a short time by bad weather is to place the table under a veranda or canopy
but only for the time it is used and then keep it always at home or in a closed room with normal humidity.

Can I use an outdoor table inside the house?

It is certainly possible to use an outdoor table in a closed environment during any season. In fact, in addition to better safeguarding the table, it allows you to continue using it at any time.

How to decide if I need an indoor or outdoor table?

Indoor tables are not weatherproof, but provide excellent bounce quality and an interesting quality/price ratio.
Indoor tables must be stored in closed and dry places, as rain or a
very high humidity rate will ruin the playing surface while prolonged exposure to the sun can damage the flatness of the table.
The outdoor ones, on the other hand, are more resistant to impact and can easily remain outside all year round and do not undergo alterations due to different atmospheric agents (rain, sun, etc.)


The maintenance of a ping pong table is very cheap. Never delay spending a few minutes of your busy time to take care of it. Your table will assure you a great playing experience and bring the top games out of you!

Thanks for reading.

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