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Best ping pong paddles 2021-to upgrade your game and style

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Today we are going to review the 10 best ping pong paddles suitable for all styles of play and for every level of players. No matter if you are a beginner, intermediate, or advanced level player you will find this article useful.

Below we reviewed 10 of the best carefully chosen ping pong paddle from different well-known brands in ping pong industry and categorized them based on their performance and level of players who can use them comfortably.

Before moving on to the review,

here are the 10 picks that we find really mention-able in this post.

Butterfly SK7 ClassicBlockIntermediate
Nittaku AcousticBlock,Spin and controlBeginner and Advance
Nittaku Blockman 2BlockBeginner and Intermediate
Cornilleau Excell 3000 Carbon Control and powerBeginner and Advance
JOOLA Family Premium Table Tennis Bundle Set ControlBeginner
Butterfly Inner Shield Layer ZLF Spin and cutIntermediate and Advance
NITTAKU EVOOCIAL 5Spin Beginner and Intermediate
Tibhar Powercarbon XT Speed and SpinAdvanced
Butterfly MAZESpin and ControlBeginner, Intermediate and Advance
TSP SWAT 5PWControlBeginner

Two features of the easy-to-block racket you should know first

There are two characteristics of the racket that make it easy to block. The first is “high control performance”. The second is “heavy”. If you choose this condition, it will be easier to find a racket that is easy to block.

(1) High control performance.

Blocking is a method of returning the ball by taking advantage of the power of the opponent’s strike. With a highly rebounding racket, the ball will fly too far and there is a risk of over-misses.

On the other hand, a racket with less rebound and better control will reduce blocking errors and increase stability.

(2) Heavy

Blocking is the act of pounding back speedy smashes and rotational drives. Therefore, if the racket is light, there is a greater risk of losing to the power of the opponent’s strike.

If the racket is heavy, it is less likely to be pushed by the power of the strike and the blocking is more stable.

In the following section, we will carefully select seven racquets that are easy to block and have two characteristics: high control and heavy.

SK7 Classic (Block)

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  • Manufacturer
  • Feel of hitting the ball
  • Weight.
  • Thickness
  • Plywood
    7 sheets of plywood

BUTTERFLY’s 7-plywood racket SK7 Classic. It is a reprint model of SK7 which is said to be a masterpiece of the old days.

The racket weighs a hefty 91 grams and is a whopping 6.8 mm thick. It is a spec that clears the conditions that are easy to block.

Since the specs are close, it is often compared to the Forteus FT introduced above. The Forteus FT is one of the easier to handle, but the SK7 Classic is the better one in terms of speed performance.

The one thing they both have in common is that they are both easy to block. Forteus FT is recommended for stability and SK7 Classic is recommended for the attack.


  • It is a heavy and stable racket. Blocking is easy to do. The ball is stabilized because it is not pushed by the opponent’s hit.
  • Recommended for players who want a sense of stability. However, it is quite heavy, so you need to have enough muscle strength to shake it firmly.
  • Its blocks, counters and flicks look good. It is often compared to the same 7-plywood Forteus. If you want the power of the ball, SK7 Classic is recommended.
  • Not too soft, not too hard, but just the right amount of bounce. It’s 7-piece plywood, it’s recommended for the intermediate racket. It’s hard to do without that kind of skill.


  • There are only 7 pieces of plywood, so you can still feel the weight. It’s not recommended for teenagers or women.
  • Sk7 is not easy to handle.

Acoustic (Block,Spin and control)

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  • Manufacturer
  • Feel of hitting the ball
  • Weight
  • Thickness
  • Plywood
    5 plywood

Acoustic, a 5-plywood racket sold by Nittaku. It’s one of a series of instruments that are made by applying string instrument manufacturing techniques.

The material is thicker and softer than the violin. That makes the drives and blocks more stable. Looking at the reviews, many people praised the control and spin performance, saying it was easy to control and easy to spin.

It has been used by some of the world’s top players, such as Mitsuho Kimura, and Kane Townsend.

Five pieces of wood plywood with high control and spin performance. This racket is easy enough to recommend to beginner players. It is widely chosen by beginners and advanced players alike.


  • It provides a really good bounce, and it is also flexible. The sweet spot is also spacious. A pretty good racket.
  • This racket is widely recommended for beginners and advanced players. The performance is uncomplainingly good.
  • Perhaps because it’s a wood racket, the sweet spot is really wide. As a result, the number of failures can be drastically reduced. The good feeling of ball hitting is also one of the favorite factors for some.
  • This is an excellent racket that can be used with any kind of rubber. It’s about average in both weight and thickness, and it’s five sheets of plywood, so it’s easy to control. It is easy to rotate. If I had to cite a strong point, it would be the speed.
  • Both control and spin performance are top-notch. It is also recommended for more advanced players who play stability-oriented matches. If your speed is not good enough, choose a rubber with high-speed performance.


  • Players might go overboard with comfort of the hitting which may lead to over-miss.

Clipperwood (Block)

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  • Manufacturer
  • Weight
  • Thickness
  • Plywood
    7 pieces of plywood

STIGA’s 7-plywood racket “Clipperwood“. It weighs 90g and is 7mm thick. It’s quite thick. It has a solid and heavy characteristic.

This racket has gained popularity due to the comfortable feel of hitting the ball as only a wood racket can. And the high bounce that comes from the 7-plywood and thickness of the racket.

This model is also used by Miu Hirano, the top female table tennis player in Japan.

This racket is easy to control and block because of its weight. It also has a high-speed performance, so I would recommend it for those who are aiming for a counter.


  • The grip is thick and not too slippery and easy to hold. It feels heavy when you apply the double-sided tension rubber, but it’s stable enough. It’s a wood racket, so the feel of hitting the ball is also very comfortable.
  • When you hear a heavy racket made of seven sheets of plywood, it’s easy to imagine a racket that will blow you away. However, this is not the case with Clipperwood. Surprisingly, it has rotational-leaning performance.
  • This racket is easy to handle, even though it has seven sheets of plywood. It has a good bounce and can be rotated. Some may prefer a wood racket to a carbon racket.
  • The softness of the hitting ball is great.
  • It’s easy to drive, it’s easy to hit, and it’s easy to block.


  • Kind of heavier when you use tension rubber.

Blockman 2 (Block)

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  • Manufacturer
  • Feel of hitting the ball
  • Weight
  • Thickness
  • Plywood
    5 pieces of plywood

TSP’s 5-plywood racket “Blockman II“. It’s an improved version of the Blockman. In the previous model, there was only one type of Chinese style, but in the Blockman II, the shakehand model also appeared.

As the name suggests, this is one that has an excellent blocking performance. It has a wider blade than an offensive racket. They have increased their defensive power with the high grain.


  • Blockman makes it easy to do the block. It’s also easy to rotate.
  • What is noteworthy is the blocking power. The overall stability of the blocking technique is outstanding. This is a racket for those who want to strengthen their defensive skills.
  • A great racket for stopping the momentum of a rally. Even when a fairly bally ball comes in, it can be dropped in front of you.
  • Recommended for those who want to hit a block that looks like a drop shot.
  • Useful with penhold.


  • Not highly recommended for attacking players

Cornilleau Excell 3000 Carbon (Control and power)

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  • Manufacturer
  • Feel of hitting the ball
  • Weight
  • Thickness

Considered to be the best ping-pong racket on the list, this racket will be recommended if you are a beginner. This is a top of the line racquet that can offer more performance to professionals.

Indeed, it is a model that offers many advantages to mention only that it has an insert that is made of carbon offering maximum power and maximum spin.

The insert, which is placed at the handle/pallet junction of this racquet, is made of 100% carbon. The purpose of this is to increase the stiffness of the racket in order to offer the user more power in the game.

Also, the PHS (Perforated Handle System) of the handle of the table tennis racket also involves changing the position of the center of gravity to offer a better transfer of energy to the tip of the racket.

On the other hand, the AERO SOFT and OFC technologies of this racket also bring many advantages that still make the racket a good material to progress in table tennis.

These technologies offer a better touch and control of the ball. On the other hand, the EFFICIENT CURVE compact which is made of 90% rubber will allow you to achieve a better level of grip.

Choosing the best brand of ping pong rackets guarantees the quality of the product itself. Cornilleau is a sign reputed to work in this sense. The Excell 3000 will allow beginners to better work on their swings.


  • Top of the range: The insert has been designed in carbon so that the player can accentuate the effects.
  • The PHS of the handle changes the center of gravity, allowing you to send all of your power to the tip of the racquet, allowing you to return the ball with strength and precision.
  • Offers excellent control: With AERO SOFT and OFC technologies, this specimen will guarantee better control. You will be able to move faster in the game.


  • Avoid dropping the racket too often, as the coating is not as strong as it seems.

JOOLA Family Premium Table Tennis Bundle Set (Control)

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  • Maker
  • Weight
  • 5 plywood

This one is a cheap model. However, it still offers various advantages that its user could benefit from, to mention only that it is a ping-pong racket kit for the family, as it includes 4 SPIRIT rackets and 10 balls, 5 of which are white and 5 are orange.

Its 4 SPIRIT rackets have a smooth coating. The surface of a ping-pong racket plays a very important role in the game, as it determines the level of grip, the level of elasticity and speed as well as the control of the ball.

The Joola racquet is especially appreciated for the quality of its surface, which is very optimal despite the fact that it is mainly intended for beginners.

It’s easy to handle, so it’s really made for the family. So, if you’re still looking for the best table tennis rackets of 2021, this model will seduce you especially thanks to its storage bag to keep it always cool.

Quality is an important point in your selection, but you should also base your choice on the price at which the racquet is sold. Joola family set is one of the best items available on the market.

This Joola set will surprise you in every way, especially in terms of price. Indeed, the reference is the cheapest you will find in this list.


  • Smooth coating: Thanks to this characteristic, you will better understand the meaning of the word “mastery”. It allows you to control the ball with simplicity thanks to its increased grip.
  • Perfect dimensions: The measures and shape of these paddles are ideal for beginners. Using over several hours will not tire you because of the lightness.
  • Sold in a kit: It is a family model with 4 rackets and 10 balls, 5 of which are orange and 5 white.


  • For beginners only: The Joola family set is not designed for use in competition. It is especially suitable for learning.

Inner Shield Layer ZLF (Spin and cut)

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  • Manufacturer
  • Weight
  • Thickness
  • Plywood
    5 pieces of plywood

BUTTERFLY’s 5-plywood racket “Inner Shield Layer ZLF”. It is a racket with high defensive power because it has a “shield” in its name. It’s a racket for the cut.

This is a defensive racket, so the bounce is suppressed. As a result, the rotation and control performance has reached a high level. It brings sharpness and stability to the cut.


  • The rotation of the cut is perfect. In addition, it has a great power of stability. It’s worth a try.
  • This is one of the best butterfly racquets that doesn’t bounce. However, if you put tenergy on it, it will bounce at all.
  • It may be possible to say that the lack of bounce is astonishing. This is indeed a defensive racket.
  • A racket that looks like it’s been given all the status for defensive power. This is a racket that you can really get into if you get into your own style of play.
  • It is easy to control and stable.


  • Doesn’t suit with the aggressive style of play.

Advantage and disadvantage of a heavy racket


  • You can hit a heavy ball.
  • Easy to block (hard to be hit by the opponent’s ball)
  • You can hit the ball with a lot of rotation.
  • The biggest advantage of a heavyweight racket is that you can hit a heavy ball. The heavier the racket, the more weight you can hit the ball. It can also increase the amount of rotation, making it difficult for opponents to return the ball.

In addition, the blocking is more stable because it is less likely to be hit by the opponent’s smash.


  • It slows down your swing.
  • It’s hard to control.
  • You can’t use it without muscle strength.

The biggest disadvantage of a heavy racket is that it cannot be used without muscle strength. Without a reasonable amount of muscle strength, you will not be able to achieve the performance of a heavy racket.

If the swing speed is reduced, the power of the ball is reduced, and drives are less likely to be rotated.

A heavy racket has many advantages, but it also has many disadvantages. It is indeed a double-edged sword. Try to choose a racket that’s not too heavy and that’s the right weight for you.

The key to choosing a racket is to choose a racquet that is just heavy enough for you to swing.
By choosing a weight that your muscles can handle, you will be able to maximize the performance of your racket.


Find it on ebay

  • Manufacturer
  • Weight
  • Thickness
  • Plywood
    5 sheets of plywood

Nittaku’s lightweight racket, the EVOOCIAL 5. The weight is 80g, but it bounces well for what it is.

The tagline is Fast-paced, continuous attack. It’s light and bounces well, so it’s easy to play a series of smashes. This is not the case with a heavy racket.

The hitting surface is hard and well bounced, but it is a well-balanced racket that is also easy to rotate because of the five pieces of wood plywood.

This racket is recommended for beginners to intermediate players and above.

From the reviews, it’s telling that this is a racket that performs better than expected.


  • The speed of the smash is fast!
  • The feel of the ball is firm, but it is easy to use with soft rubber.
  • The kind of spin that makes you wonder!
  • It’s so light that even with heavy rubber, you can swing pretty fast.
  • It’s very bouncy, so it’s recommended for beginners and intermediates who want to have an exhilarating rally!


  • Not suitable for defensive style.

Tibhar Powercarbon XT (Speed and Spin)

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  • Manufacturer
  • Weight
  • Plywood
    5 plywoods + ultra-thin carbon

The Tibhar Powercarbon XT model has competition approval from the International Table Tennis Federation. This makes it a better accessory to play table tennis with ease.

This tibhar table tennis racket is made of wood consisting of 6 layers in total, of which a thin layer of carbon foil has been included.

The role of carbon fiber in a ping-pong racket is very important because it is a synthetic material that on the wood of a ping-pong table makes the point of impact wider.

But also makes the wood stiffer and therefore more offensive.

While the wood veneers on the inside are semi-hard so that the racket can easily absorb the maximum amount of shock for better playing experience.

As for the outer veneers, they are even harder for better support when hitting the ball.

But this item also has a coating that is ultra adherent for a better variation of shots and spins. It differs from the other models by its interchangeable coating.


  • Excellent workmanship: It has been designed in 6 layers of materials, including carbon fiber and wood. The energy transfer is faster, allowing you to hit with full power for a pro offensive.
  • Recommended for official matches: This table tennis racket is approved for use in competition by the International Table Tennis Federation. It is therefore ideal for both professionals and beginners.


  • Heavy: Some consumers feel that it should be lighter. A player who lacks training could tire quickly.

MAZE – strongest lightweight racket (Spin and control)

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  • Manufacturer
  • Weight
  • Thickness
  • Plywood
    5 sheets of plywood

Butterfly’s “Maze Performance”. Bounce, rotation, control, and performance are all well balanced and at a high level. This racket is often recommended as a beginner’s first one because it can be used as an all-round racket.

However, the fact is that it is loved not only by beginners but also by intermediate users and above.

Looking at the reviews online, it is noticeable that they are easy to use and easy to swing. One of the reasons why the Maze Performance is so easy to handle is its “lightness”.

The racket weighs 81g, which may feel heavier than the Mignon, but it’s still lighter than the average weight. This racket is recommended for players who want a light racket but have muscle strength.

There is something close to the SK Carbon that I introduced above in terms of good balance. If you want a carbon racket, SK Carbon, and if it’s a wood racket, Maze Performance is the way to go.


  • It’s light and easy to handle and has a high level of spin and control.
  • It is recommended for beginners because of its lightweight, but even intermediate users can use it.
  • It’s super easy to control!
  • In terms of cost, this is one of the best of the rackets that returns the value.
  • The lightweight makes it possible to apply heavy rubber.


  • It might perform less than other heavy rackets when it comes to blocking.

SWAT 5PW (Control)

  • Manufacturer
  • Weight
  • Thickness
  • Plywood
    5 sheets of plywood

TSP’s masterpiece SWAT Series. Among the series, the Swat 5PW has a high control performance. With 5 pieces of plywood, it is easy to turn, and the lightweight of 80g makes it easy for anyone to shake.

We recommend this racket to those who want a light racket and want to focus on rotation and control.

However, the bounce is not good. I don’t recommend this for people who are focused on speed and bounce. On the other hand, I can recommend it to beginners who want to learn basic skills with a bang.

Because of the low bounce, you won’t get the habit of hitting with your hands, and you’ll develop the feeling of hitting with your whole body.

If you’re just starting to play table tennis and are struggling with your first one, I recommend this one.


  • It’s easy to counter and you won’t fall behind the opponent’s hit, and your drives will be very comfortable.
  • You can feel comfortable hitting. It is easy to control and you can drive anywhere.
  • 5PW is recommended for players who like five sheets of plywood.


  • If you switch from a special material racket, your speed will drop dramatically.
  • It doesn’t bounce like a normal beginner’s racket.

Advantage and disadvantage of light and bouncy rackets


  • Easy to switch the fore-back.
  • It stabilizes your swing.
  • Less muscle strain.
  • It is easy to do complicated techniques
  • Easy to handle, even for women and children.
  • The lighter racquet is recommended for players who are more focused on speed. It is suitable for those who want to switch between fore-and-back quickly, and who want to be able to handle the front line of the ball without difficulty.

For fast-pitch table tennis and speedy players, a light racket is a great weapon.


  • Because the ball is lighter, it is more likely to be returned.
  • It’sblocking is not stable (it is pushed by the opponent’s smash)

The disadvantages of a light racket are outlined above. The biggest disadvantage is that it makes the ball lighter to hit. It is easier for the opponent to return the ball because no weight is added to the ball.

If you want to play with power, a light racket is not recommended.

Things to remember

  • The color of the rubbers on both sides of the rackets should be one red and one black.
  • There are certain paddle and rubber rules that you can’t violate. To know more about paddle rubber rules Read this article.
  • In order to extend the life, you need to clean and take care of your paddle frequently.

Q1: How do you make your ping pong racket hang?

You must first protect your plates when you are not playing by covering them between two plastic films. You can try free tips like cleaning the plates using soap and water so that they generate the expected return. Otherwise, wipe it off immediately each time you fog the plates. You can also use sprays which are specially designed for this purpose. They are intended for cleaning equipment and are used with special sponges.

Q2: How to increase its adhesion?

You should know that it is now forbidden to modify the characteristics of the coating of a ping pong racket. All you can do is preserve the grip of this equipment by using the protective sheets that you can buy on the market. There are also maintenance products offered by manufacturers. You can also try simple tips like cleaning with neutral pH soap before using a damp sponge and drying with a dry cloth.

Q3: How to maintain a ping pong racket?

After each game, remove the dust particles from the ball with a damp sponge. Otherwise, you can use a product for degreasing the coating. To prevent the racket from being too exposed to light, dust and other elements that could affect it, store the racket in its cover. Do not hesitate to stick adhesive tape all around the end of the racket to ensure better protection against shocks.

Q4: How to choose your ping pong racket coating?

When you are still starting to play ping pong, opt for a thick coating offering the control and grip that are necessary for the game. Then choose a thickness of 1.55 mm. After a year of practice, you can increase the thickness from 1.7 to 1.8 mm. You can keep this measurement for one to two years more. After this period, you can switch to a thickness of 2 mm.

Q5: How do I change the coating on my ping pong racket?

The first step is to gently peel off the old coating sheet, using a “peel-off” aerosol or solvent. The product is to be diffused between the wood and the coating. Then wait until the wood is completely dry in order to sand gently. After that, you can generously apply “special coating glue” and apply the new coating. At the end, don’t forget to cut off the excess.


The biggest point in choosing a racket is to choose the one that suits you. A racket that matches your playing style and muscle strength.

Finding a racket that allows you to use your skills will make you stronger at table tennis.

I hope this article will help you choose a racket.

Thanks for reading. Have a good day!

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