Best rubber for backhand 2023

Some people prefer a harder sponge, while others like a softer sponge. It all depends on what you want to do with it. There are even some players who use two different types of rubbers in order to get the right amount of speed and spin according to which stroke they need at any given time.

But there’s no one-size-fits-all when it comes to choosing the best rubber for your game, so we’ll start by going over some of the most popular options and a comprehensive buying guide in order to help you choose the best backhand rubber for you.

Best rubbers for backhand 2022

Here is the list of the best backhand rubbers.

  • Hurricane 3 Neo Black Table Tennis Rubber(Black)
  • Butterfly Tenergy 80-FX
  • 729 Friendship 802-40 Mystery III
  • Butterfly Dignics 05
  • Kokutaku 007 PRO

Best DHS rubber for backhand – Hurricane 3 Neo Black Table Tennis Rubber(Black)


Rubber typeSofter
Thickness2.1 / 2.2 mm


A lot of players use rubbers that are too soft for them. This makes it difficult to control the ball on slow shots and loops, as well as create a stable arc on fast strokes.

The Hurricane 3 Neo Black is an advanced version of the classic H3 rubber with added speed glue effect! The neo sponge also provides greater spin and more durability than previous versions.

The new black rubber has been designed specifically for players who prefer a softer feeling but still need good control, speed and spin capabilities! It’s ideal for close-to-the-table attacking play or long-distance looping against topspin opponents.

You’ll love how easy it is to return serves with this modernized rubber plus you’ll be able to generate powerful attacks from the short range!

HURRICANE 3 NEO BLACK offers outstanding feel and accuracy when playing close to the table due to its softness and flexibility – perfect characteristics for modern defense techniques that require top-class ball control skills from their defenders!


  • Soft feel for excellent ball control
  • Highest quality rubber from DHS.
  • Good for close to the table play

Best rubber for backhand flick – Butterfly Tenergy 80-FX

Butterfly Tenergy 80-FX


Rubber typeSofter
Thickness1.7/1.9/2.1 mm


If you want to play offensively, your rubber has to have a lot of speed. But if you want to control and spin, it needs more tackiness. 

Butterfly offers an entire series of top-quality table tennis rackets that are designed to fit every player’s unique style and skill level. The Tenergy 80-FX rubber combines spin, speed, control, accuracy and consistency into one high-performance package that will help put your opponents on their heels! If you want more spin or speed out of your game then look no further than this versatile inverted rubber from Butterfly! This new generation rubber provides amazing control in all areas of the game while still giving plenty of power when needed! Your opponents won’t know what hit them when they face off against this advanced rubber technology! 

Playing backhand with Tenergy 80-FX Rubber will give you the lightweight feel of a speed glued rubber, but with more control than any other rubber out there!


  • Gives you the speed of a traditional speed glued rubber
  • Offers excellent control
  • Ideal for power looping
  • Sponge thickness is medium-soft which will provide the feel of each shot.`

best short pips rubber for backhand – 729 Friendship 802-40 Mystery III

729 Friendship 802-40 Mystery III


Rubber typeSofter
Thickness2.2 mm


729 Friendship 802-40 Mystery III table tennis rubber is a very good choice for players who want to improve their game through better technique, not stronger equipment. This short pips-out rubber has all the right ingredients for success.

It’s grippy enough that you’ll have great control over your shots but still lets you put plenty of spin on them when needed. The sponge is medium-soft which helps give you more speed than other brands with similar hardness levels while still being durable enough to last a long time without needing replacement or repair.

And this blade has just about everything else you could ask for in an all-around paddle including excellent balance, perfect weight distribution and maximum durability at an unbeatable price point!

This is a high-quality short pips-out rubber with a sponge thickness of 2.2 mm and a hardness of 40+. It’s great for players who want a fast offensive backhand style game. 


  • Grippy and extremely spinny
  • Excellent for close to the table play
  • Suitable for all levels of players

best backhand rubber for viscaria – Butterfly Dignics 05


Butterfly Dignics 05



Rubber typeSofter
Thickness2.1 mm

Butterfly is known for making high-quality products. They are designed for professional players and will make you a much better player if you use them regularly. For viscaria rubber, Butterfly Dignics 05 is one of the best choices out there.

Butterfly Dignics 05 Table Tennis Rubber Sheets are affordable alternatives to their premium line of rubbers that perform just as well as the Tenergy series at a fraction of the cost! These 1.9 or 2.1 mm thick rubber sheets have been paired with Spring Sponge X sponge which provides superior speed and spin compared to other regular sponges on the market today!

The combination of these two technologies makes this one of the most advanced rubbers ever made by Butterfly, giving it an incredible amount of power while still maintaining a great feel and control over your shots!

This product will help you take your game to another level by giving you more power than ever before with increased spin potentials. You’ll be able to place your backhand shots exactly where you want them to go while still having complete control over every stroke so that there’s no wasted energy or effort.


  • Offers excellent spin
  • Has good ball control
  • Very durable

best backhand rubber for controlKokutaku 007 PRO

Kokutaku 007 PRO


Rubber typeHard
Thickness2.2 mm


If you’re a beginner or casual player who wants to improve control, this is the perfect rubber for you. It’s easy to use and has enough power behind it for advanced players as well.

Using this rubber will give your game more speed and spin from every shot without sacrificing any control. You can even use one layer of booster underneath if you want an extra boost in performance!

It has been specially designed for people who play at home or in recreational leagues, as well as those looking for something that will help them improve their game without breaking the bank. This rubber also features hybrid technology that makes it easy to use even if this is your first time trying out a new product!

This rubber has a high-quality blue sponge with a thickness of 2mm – 2.2mm which allows you to play powerful shots while still having enough control for quick counter-attacks when needed. The advanced players will find this new hybrid rubber provides more power on both backhand and forehand strokes.


  • Added speed and spin on your shots
  • Suitable rubber for those just starting out or looking to improve their game
  • Suitable for high-level tournaments as well as playing in the park with friends

Buying guide for backhand players

Finding the best rubber for the backhand is all about knowing what you are looking for. The rubber itself is not something that should make or break your purchase, but it does matter. By Just following these steps and anyone can find an effective rubber that provides them with the results they desire:

1) Decide on your budget

There are many different types of rubbers available at varying price ranges. It’s important to go for something within your personal preference so you don’t overspend.

2) Are you an advanced player or just starting out?

If you’re new to table tennis, then there are lower-grade products that will be perfect for beginners who want to experience the game without falling into too much debt in case they decide it’s not right for them. You can always upgrade when you decide what type of rubber is best suited for your skill level.

3) Rubber thickness

Rubber varies from 1mm – 3mm, which is the most common range on the market. However, some companies also manufacture around 4mm or even above, which provides more power and a better chance of a longer life span.

4) Choose between inverted or speed/spin:

If you are an advanced player who likes to play with a lot of pace and spin on their shots, then it’s best to look for inverted rubbers. For those looking for something better suited for power shots, control, or more suitable in low-level games, there are many different types of non-inverted rubbers available as well!

5) Which brand do you like?

When choosing rubber, some players prefer to go with a reputable company that is known for creating high-quality products. This is mostly based on personal preference and the type of experience they want to have while playing table tennis. If this is your first time trying out new rubbers for backhand, it’s best to stay safe and choose one from an established company instead of taking your chances with cheaper brands that you’ve never heard of before.

6) Do not fall for the ratings numbers.

The ratings on the rubber are created by testing its performance against other products on the market. While this sounds like a good idea, you should not be fooled into thinking that higher numbers mean better quality; they simply refer to how well it performs compared with others of its kind.


Here are some frequently asked questions about backhand rubbers.

What rubber is best for the backhand?

It’s all about personal preference and what you’re looking for in a product. There are so many different types out there with something for everyone, which makes it easy to find the best rubber for backhand that matches your needs perfectly!

Can you loop with backhand?

It’s not just the forehand where players can engage in looping shots. advanced players are capable of looping to the backhand side as well, which is much more difficult but provides you with an edge over your competition.

Is Tenergy 05 Good for backhand?

Tenergy 05 is one of the best-selling rubbers for forehand available, but it can also be used on backhand if you prefer. It’s a great choice for advanced players looking to add more power and speed to their shots!

Final words

Backhand rubber is an essential part of any player’s game because it provides the grip needed when playing tough strokes at speed. A good quality backhand rubber can make all the difference between winning or losing big points during your game.

The best rubber for backhand is going to be the one that works best for you and your unique skill level. With that in mind, it’s important to remember that most companies provide a wide scale of products for customers with different preferences. Once you establish what is right for you, it will be easy to find the perfect style within everyone’s personal preference!

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