7 Recommended Table Tennis Carbon Rackets

If you are considering purchasing a carbon-filled racket, but you are not sure what to choose. For those, I have summarized how to choose table tennis carbon racket and  7 recommended carbon rackets by performance.

Butterfly SK carbonControl and Rotation
Nittaku Fly at carbonControl and Rotation
Butterfly Inner force layer ALCControl and Rotation
Butterfly Timo Boll ALCSpeed
TSP Hino-carbon PowerSpeed
Atemi Pro Balsa-CarbonSpeed
Butterfly Jun Mizutani SUPER ZLC. Advance player

We hope you find it helpful in choosing a racket.

How to choose a racket containing table tennis carbon? -Select according to desired performance.

The key point when choosing a racket containing carbon is “what kind of performance do you want?” Even if it is a racket containing carbon, it might give you different performances.

There are two main directions for performance. Rotation & control and speed. The racket to choose depends on which performance is important.

How to choose those who prefer rotation and control

source: butterfly website
  • Inner carbon
  • Ultra thin carbon

If you want to add rotation and control to your play, try the carbon-filled racket as above.

Especially the point is “inner carbon” where carbon is incorporated inside the racket. It has good ball holding characteristics, and is easy to control and easy to rotate.

The shot feeling is similar to wood.

How to choose those who emphasize speed

source: butterfly website
  • Outer carbon

For speed-conscious people, try the “outer carbon”, which has carbon built-in to the outside of the racket.

Characterized by the good momentum of carbon, it makes it easy to hit a ball with high speed and power. However, control is difficult because the speed increases. It’s a racket for intermediate to advanced players.

7 Recommended Table tennis Rackets with Carbon [By Performance]

I have summarized the recommended carbon-containing rackets by performance. Choose a racket that can provide you the performance you want. I will introduce each with a review.

  • Control and rotation emphasis [3 choices]
  • Speed-oriented [3 choices]
  • Recommended for advanced users [1 selection]

Recommended for those who emphasize control and rotation

Recommended for the first carbon | SK carbon

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■ Maker

3 plywood + carbon

■ Weight

■ Thickness

Combination of 3 plywood + carbon. It is a light and easy-to-use racket among carbon rackets. The shot feel is similar to wood, so it is recommended for those who are new to carbon rackets.

Since it is a light and thin racket, some people may be anxious about the lack of aggressive power. However, that is the strong point of carbon. The good momentum authentic to carbon is fully exhibited.

Among the carbon rackets, the shot feeling is similar to wood, so it is also suitable for those who are not good at the shot feeling unique to carbon.

Impressions of people who used.

  • The shot feeling is soft. It didn’t look like a special material racket. I hit it and felt the same feeling as wood. Driving is also good. If you shake it with a counter, it will fly with a straight trajectory unique to carbon.
  • Light and easy to swing. However, the hit ball will be lighter accordingly. The initial speed is fast.
  • Mainly a light racket among special material rackets. It is also recommended for those who use a carbon racket for the first time.
  • It’s lightweight, but it has good momentum. A racket that seems to embrace the goodness of carbon. 
  • While maintaining the momentum and lightness of the carbon racket, it is easy to rotate. It is a racket that takes the good points of wood and carbon.
  • Although it is a racket containing special materials, its control performance is also very good. I think it is a well-balanced racket.
  • I feel that the backdrive speed has increased. However, some people may find it too light. Personally, it was just right for me.

strongest carbon | Fly at carbon

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■ Manufacturer

■5 plywood
2 plywood ultra thin carbon

■ Weight

■ Thickness

Fly at carbon with a black body. Equipped with ultra-thin carbon on 5 plywood. While giving the feel of hitting wood, the momentum is improved.  Continuous drives can be hit stably.

The speed is moderate, but the control performance is excellent. This is a recommended paddle for those who are new to using a carbon-containing racket.

Impressions of people who used

  • Even if you attach a heavy rubber, you can shake it. A light racket is good because it is easy to match with any rubber.
  • It is light and the hit is strong. A racket that seems to include the characteristics of carbon. I especially like the lightness.
  • It’s fast and it’s not difficult to spin. A carbon racket that can be widely recommended for beginners to intermediate users. It may be good as the first carbon racket.
  • It is light and easy to swing. It is a racket that can be handled all-round.
  • It does not have the difficulty of controlling characteristics of a carbon racket and can be used without any experience. It seems that the controllability is outstanding even in a carbon-containing racket. Recommended for players who emphasize stability.
  • Once you get used to it, the ball will be stable. It’s been a year since I started using it, but now I’m not satisfied with it.
  • The price is also cheap, so I think it is a perfect start to carbon.
  • First of all, it looks cool. It was my first time with a black racket, but the real thing is definitely better than the image. Another reason is that it is cheaper. Of course, the performance is perfect for me.

Well-balanced and high performance | Inner force layer ALC

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■ Maker

■5 plywood plywood
arylate carbon

■ Weight

■ Thickness

A racket with a high level of carbon for speed performance, rotation performance, and control performance. Many highly rated reviews are posted on different sites and by many personals.

Inner fiber specification that retains the feel of hitting wood (specification of incorporating carbon inside the racket). 

It is recommended for those who buy a carbon racket for the first time, and it is also recommended for intermediate users who want more bouncy performance.

Impressions of people who used

  • There are no particularly difficult techniques that can’t be done with this. It’s easy to do everything from the drive, smash, Tsutsuki, block. A racket that is well balanced up to this point is also rare.
  • For a carbon racket with inner specifications, it bounces well. However, since it is an arc-shaped trajectory, it is easy to drive. It produces performance that is recommended not only for beginners but also for intermediate players and above.
  • The highly-rated inner force layer.  It is a well-balanced and high-quality racket. However, to put it badly, there is no sharp performance. Those who are clear about their tactics can say that it is a racket that is difficult to choose.
  • A well-balanced racket that can be used without any experience. However, some people may find it unsatisfactory. I couldn’t get that pleasure of gradually mastering a strong racket.
  • It does not fly too much and is easy to rotate. It was the drive that made me realize how powerful it was. It makes the ball quite stable, and power has increased.
  • Change to a racket containing carbon for the first time. However, I was able to use it without any discomfort. I was able to hit with a feeling similar to a wood racket.

Recommended for those who value speed

It’s fast but difficult to control | Timo Boll ALC

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■ Maker

■5 plywood + Arylate carbon

■ Weight

■ Thickness

A model racket of the world’s top player. It is a racket equipped with Arylate carbon, and it is a racket that emphasizes attacks. A racket that you want to try once as a player who wants power and speed.

Since it is a racket with a lot of force, there are many reviews that it is difficult to control. It is not strongly recommended for beginners and those who are new to using carbon rackets for the first time.

Recommended for intermediate and advanced users who are skilled in techniques. If you can master it, you may be able to step up one level.

Impressions of people who used

  • The trajectory is straight and blows away. It has speed and power, and it is not difficult to spin. However, since it is difficult to control, it seems that it is a racket recommended for intermediate to advanced users.
  • I was a little worried about the outer carbon. It’s certainly easy to get used to it, once you get used to it, there is no problem. It gives you speed and spin.
  • The first challenge to the outer carbon racket. Although the control performance is inferior to the inner carbon, the outer carbon is better at hitting the ball. It is a racket that will become a powerful weapon if you can master it.
  • A racket that is difficult to control. Even if you drive, it tends to be a straight ball, so it is difficult to create attacking spaces. Perhaps the swing speed may not be sufficient.
  • Recommended for those who can drive stably and want more speed. If the technique is not stable, it is likely that you will be swung around by the racket.
  • Driving is powerful and easy to do. However, I felt it was difficult to perform some hit as flicks and stops. 

The ball is good and the momentum is good.| Hino-carbon Power

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■ Manufacturer

■3 plywood + 2 carbon

■ Weight

■ Thickness

Racket made of “cypress wood x carbon”. The cypress’s longevity and the momentum of carbon are a perfect combination. 

It is a racket that can be recommended for players who mainly attack by drive and speed. It is also a highly reliable racket that has been used by top players.

Impressions of people who used

  • Because it uses cypress wood, it has good momentum and feels good at impact. The drive is stable.
  • It’s a heavy racket, and make fast smash! Instead, if you hit it forcefully, it will fly immediately, so delicate technique is required on the table. Recommended for those who have the strength and want to attack hard.
  • It bounces well and is easier to spin than I expected. The speed is also fast.
  • I was worried about the control performance because it was a racket that emphasized speed, but I can control it pretty well.
  • I’m using Tenergy 80. The repulsive force is great. I think it is perfect for players who value speed.
  • It has good ball retention and repulsive power. Combines the features of wood and carbon.
  • Since it is a heavy racket, power is exerted on the ball. However, it may be difficult to drive continuously.

Speed ​​|Atemi Pro Balsa-Carbon 5000 Ping Pong Paddle (Flared)

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■ Manufacturer

■ pro quality balsa-carbon

■ Weight

■ Thickness

  • Superior Control, Power, Speed ​​- The Atemi 5000 is a table tennis racket, made with carbon and balsa layers for greater balance and acceleration of impact.
  • Fast, regular & balanced play – This professional table tennis racket offers BBS technology with 100 speeds, 100 spins and 80 controls for consistent play.
  • Made in the EU – Made in the EU, this table tennis racket boasts a 7-layer blend of Limba, Abachi, Carbon and Balsa, as well as ACE OFF + competition rubber.
  • For Beginners & Tournaments – Versatile enough for professional tournament play or for beginners, you can use this racket for indoor, outdoor and daily training.
  • Ultra-light handle – Just 8mm thick, this Balsa-Carbon table tennis racket offers speed, straight and backhand for total strength on the beats and sharp throws.

Recommended for advanced users

Jun Mizutani SUPER ZLC. 

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■ Maker

■5 plywood + super ZL carbon

■ Weight

■ Thickness

A racket equipped with Super ZL carbon that has more momentum than conventional ZL carbon. It is a joint development model of Butterfly and Mizutani.

Racket with “Super” attached to ZL carbon. The name is simple, but the performance is definitely high. It is a racket that we recommend for players who maintain flexibility and speed.

As speed performance increases, control becomes more difficult. I think it is a model for advanced users with a high level of control. 

It is not recommended for those who are new to carbon-containing rackets or for beginners. The price is also high.

Impressions of people who used

  • A bouncy racket. It bounces well, so it took me some time to get used to it. After getting used to it, you can comfortably hit the smash.
  • I felt the rotation performance was low. But the speed is really fast. Also, the price is high.
  • A racket that is one of the most expensive butterfly rackets. I’m afraid to drop or hit it. 
  • It bounces firmly and is easy to rotate. The ball hits stably. It is a racket recommended for players who attack rather than defend.
  • A racket whose performance changes depending on the rubber. Sometimes it feels difficult to rotate, but depending on the rubber, it sometimes feels easier to rotate.
  • Suitable swing speed is required to rotate the drive. In that sense, it may be a racket for advanced players.
  • Previously it was difficult to get an ace with a smash or speed drive, but now I have more opportunities to change positions to this racket and take points. Control is a challenge though.


This review was not based on Stars on Amazon or anywhere else. We simply reviewed the best table tennis carbon racket that we found to be useful and compatible. Choose according to your need for speed or control.

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