7 Best outdoor ping pong tables of 2021

best outdoor ping pong table

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Buying an outdoor ping pong table is a significant investment. You need to be absolutely sure that you choose the best outdoor ping pong table as it is going to be your companion for a long long time.

The best 7 outdoor ping pong tables for you.

  • STIGA XTR outdoor table
  • Butterfly Centerfold 25 Table Tennis Table
  • Killerspin MyT7 Blackstorm Table Tennis Table
  • Kettler Axos outdoor 2
  • Cornilleau Pro 510
  • Cornilleau 510m Outdoor
  • Sponeta Joy Outdoor S3-87E

The best outdoor ping pong tables should be strong, durable, and flat. Also, it should have the quality to increase the fun and pleasure of the players.

You need to decide what kind of table you want to buy before stepping forward. Will it remain inside or outside.  

You can read through the whole article to understand the exceptional quality of an outdoor table.

In case, you don’t want to read the full article(we recommend you do) we already make it simple for you to choose as we have selected the best ones for you.

best outdoor ping pong table

What to look for when searching a best outdoor ping pong table?

Table tennis is popular because its effect on the body is invaluable. At first glance, it seems that this is a simple game that requires a little skill.

Yes, this skill is necessary, but in addition to it, the whole organism develops, especially the cardiac system. This makes the game relevant for all ages.

You can play table tennis both outdoors and indoors, which is also very convenient if it is winter outside.

When choosing a table for playing outdoors, you need to pay attention to – Moisture resistance; Protection against direct exposure to UV rays; Does it withstand temperature changes etc.

After that, you can consider the equipment according to the type of material being manufactured. It is better not to pay attention to products that include MDF and particleboard, as these options are more suitable for indoor use.

When choosing an option for outdoor table tennis, it is important that it is moisture resistant and can withstand any weather.

Also, such models should have a lightweight design, which will allow it to be transported without problems to the garage, an advanced folding system, special rollers for transportation.

Key selection criteria

In addition, to examine the material, a person must consider The thickness of the countertops. The quality of the game depends on this parameter: ball speed, rebound, rotation, etc. It is necessary to select according to the rule- the more the better.

  • Design features of the frame. So when equipping additional crossbars or an enlarged profile, the buyer will receive a quality product that will last 7-9 years, with proper care.
  • The presence of the anti-reflective coating. Most of the foreign representatives are equipped with this, even cheap models. The only difference between budget products and expensive products is that the proposed coating is made using special varnish or paint, which is not an effective tool, and the durability of such a solution is 2 years, maybe less.
  • Folding system. The table of the premium level is designed in such a way that even if a person is distracted when folding, the table will not fall on him, which increases the safety.
  • The ability to play alone. This is useful for those who want to improve their own skills. To do this, it is necessary that half the table is raised at a right angle. This mode is available in 95% of products.
  • The presence of the grid in the kit. This is a nice bonus that will save some of the money. Medium-budget and expensive tables are equipped with this.
  • Additional shelves designed for the safe storage of rackets and balls. The presence of this feature will make it possible to store all game equipment in an accessible place, which is very convenient.

Tips for a longer lifespan of the outdoor panel

Outdoor ping pong tables are an investment for several years. They can easily last ten years and longer – if you take care and handle the plate with care.

Thanks to the weatherproof melamine resin playing surface, the outdoor table tennis table can stand permanently in the rain without damaging the playing surface.

But it is advisable to cover the ping pong table when it is not used for a long time. In winter you should stow the table tennis table in the garage or in the tool shed, for example.

Because even if the materials of these panels are particularly weather-resistant and robust, strongly changing temperatures with frost or intense sunshine as well as damp weather conditions set for each material some degree of exertion.

With regard to the construction, there are various TT plate models for outdoor use, which vary depending on the intended use. The base frame can either be made of solid metal (steel or aluminum) or have a folding frame and castors.

If the outdoor table is to remain at the installation site, solid frames are preferable.

The frame consists of a mechanism for folding up the plate and rollers for moving away. The more stable the frame, the more comfortable and safe the plate can be moved away.

In any case, the rollers should be pivotable. If the wheels are covered with rubber and can be swiveled in all directions, the handling of the outdoor plate is more comfortable than with non-swiveling wheels or rubber coverings.

Make sure that the wheels are lockable and retractable so that the TT table can’t be moved during play.

A special form of outdoor table tennis tables are those made of concrete. The assembly is time-consuming and connected with manual efforts. Especially since the table tennis table is also attached to a mounting plate.

STIGA XTR outdoor table

FInd it here on amazon

The STIGA XTR outdoor table tennis table is built with rain, snow, and sun resistant aluminum top, allowing you to play all year round.

In order to overcome the problems of moving and shifting or unevenness of the ground, this table is delivered with a wheel locking system and adjustable legs, which are indispensable for outdoor tables.

It’s easy to set up, and you can also make the most of the available space by choosing to fold half the table to play solo and practice.

The 72-inch net will make you feel like a pro, giving you one of the most authentic and enjoyable table tennis experiences available.

For those times of the year when it’s too cold to play, the convenient folding feature keeps the ping pong table from taking up too much space in the yard or garage.


  • Durable construction to withstand the seasons with an all-weather aluminum roof
  • The wheels are equipped with locks to hold them in place.
  • Independent table halves for different playing options
  • 72-inch posts and netting


  • Brand: STIGA
  • Model: T8575W
  • weight: 180 pounds


  • Quick assembly in less than 15 minutes
  • Its lightweight design makes it easy to transport and store.
  • Self-opening feet


  • Pallets not included

Butterfly Centerfold 25 Table Tennis Table

Find it on Amazon

The quality of this butterfly card table is very good, adding thickness, large wheels, and a stronger frame, which is a relatively high-quality choice.

The highlight of this table is that it has a 25 mm scratch-resistant countertop, surrounded by hard PVC tape and a steel frame. It is very strong and is one of the thickest tables at this price point.

The net has been upgraded and includes a 5-year warranty. The safety latch system ensures that it will not fall when standing upright, which is very practical for families with children.

Its weight is also very heavy, once you decide its position, don’t move it casually. Generally speaking, this butterfly brand leisure table tennis table will be a table that you can use as long as you want.

Killerspin MyT7 BlackStorm Table Tennis Table

Find it on Amazon

This is a serious contender for the best outdoor ping pong table you can find. The Killerspin MyT7 BlackStorm table tennis table, named after Killerspin, is a sturdy and practical product that will serve you, your family and friends well in any season.

If you want to play table tennis in the heart of winter, this table makes it possible.

The high-quality aluminum surface is durable and sturdy, designed with the proper coating to ensure years of reliable play, while the waterproof net and posts guarantee the best possible experience.

It’s super easy to install, and you can play in less than 15 minutes after delivery. You’ll also get a handy ball and paddle holder, as well as wheel locks to keep it in place wherever you place it.

The foldability also allows you to practice solo and makes storage easier than ever before.

Best of all, the non-slip surface provides the best possible bounce and helps you reach your dreams of professional table tennis from your own backyard.

  • Quality aluminum surface that will withstand all weather conditions
  • Simple and quick assembly in less than 15 minutes
  • Foldable pieces for easy storage
  • Weather-resistant hanging net and post
  • Brand: Killerspin
  • Model: 363-19
  • weight: 148 pounds
  • Robust construction
  • Paddle and ball storage included
  • Wheel lock system to prevent speed changes during play
  • Some surface quality issues

Kettler Axos outdoor 2

An amateur option for table tennis, which allows you to play at any time of the year.

High stability is ensured by strong steel legs with a diameter of 25 mm. Due to the low center of gravity, the table will not roll over even when folded.

The equipment is made of composite aluminum, which is additionally equipped with a good anti-reflective coating.

There is also an opportunity for a solo game. To ensure the greatest convenience, the design has a built-in mesh, which automatically takes on a “game” look when unfolding the device.


  • Light weight;
  • Easy transportation;
  • Quality materials;
  • Reliable manufacturer;
  • There is a double-action blocker.


  • Not detected.

Cornilleau Pro 510

Find it on Amazon

In addition to many folding tables, the French company Cornilleau also offers a fixed outdoor model that is certainly one of the tops of the range in terms of both weather resistance and aesthetics.

This is the Pro 510 Outdoor model which, thanks to its legs and innovative design, can be adapted to a beautiful garden but also to larger environments such as a campsite, a public garden, a holiday center or a hotel.

We are talking, in fact, of a ping pong table designed to be fixed to the ground with a steel base fixing cylinders respecting the regulation measures (274 x 152 x 76 cm).

It can always be left outdoors because its solid and robust structure makes it a table suitable for all terrains and able to withstand bad weather without deteriorating.

All the accessories are designed according to this: the base net is permanent steel (but there is also the possibility to buy a separate kit with a removable net adaptable to the table), on the sides.

There are four deposits to hold the rackets, while on the short side of the table, near where the players are positioned, there is a ball dispenser that allows having the balls always at hand.

For maximum safety, soft pads are also applied to each corner of the table to prevent anyone from getting hurt with the edges.

  • This is a Static table
  • Made to resist to any ill-treatment
  • 100% steel structure
  • Brand: Cornilleau
  • weight: 148 pounds
  • Completely shockproof and weatherproof
  • Amazing sturdy construction
  • Excellent playing experience
  • Can’t fold

Cornilleau 510m Outdoor

Find it on amazon

Let’s move on to another static table, which will be left outdoors all year round, capable of withstanding any climatic conditions. 

They are tables designed for parks and public structures but they are also a perfect solution for true ping pong fans who prefer a permanent table to decorate their garden.

This splendid Outdoor model by Cornilleau is a very solid table created for intense and sporty use. The game surface is in 7 mm laminated resin, the 60 mm anti-corrosion steel frame complete with protective corners. 

The net is made of steel and is very stable, tamper-proof.

The MATTOP anti-reflective coating on the game surface gives greater resistance to the surface while maintaining control of the ball almost comparable to that of an indoor table.

A wonderful table for serious players ready to make an important investment.

Sponeta Joy Outdoor S3-87E

Find it here on megaspin

If you are looking for a table tennis table, factors such as playing characteristics, quality, range of uses, usability, and structure play an important role.  The Sponeta Joy outdoor table tennis table S3-87E convinced all along the line.

When playing with this Sponeta table, the 5mm thick melamine resin plate ensures a constant ball bounce across the entire playing surface. 

The base with a 50x30mm square profile tube gives the table very good stability and supports the outstanding properties of the game surface.

In addition, the plate is resistant to moisture and any weather, which makes it easy to use outdoors. Storage can also take place in the garage or a carport. 

In general, a cover is recommended for protection against dust and, in extreme winter, the plate should be kept in closed rooms, because even a weatherproof table tennis table can reach its limits.

What is not uncommon in the open air is bumps that make the table tennis table crooked. The Sponeta Joy Outdoor S3-87E has adjustable feet that can compensate for uneven floors of up to 30mm.

The opening and closing is ensured by the Smart Manual System mechanism . Operation is very simple and intuitive . The plate takes up very little space when it is parked.

Stable, easy-to-move rollers are important for transport. In this model, all wheels can be swiveled and offer optimal mobility as 128mm double wheels with rubber tread .

What is actually a standard is the possibility of being able to play alone in the playback position . But that rounds off the game options well.

The table tennis table also has a lot to offer in terms of external comfort. A 50mm frame profile ensures stability and covers the game surface. It also looks very harmonious.

The attached racket and ball holder can also be used. This is particularly useful in connection with an outdoor table tennis racket. High quality professional table tennis rackets should still be kept in a racket cover.

The construction of the table is quite simple and not a big obstacle, thanks to the support of the instructions. 

Depending on your skills, it takes 1-2 hours to set up. The assembly should be carried out by two people, otherwise, it will be very difficult to handle.


  • Very good playing properties thanks to 6mm melamine resin plate
  • Ball holder
  • Compensation for uneven floors of up to 30mm
  • Brand: Sponeta
  • Model: S387E
  • weight: 70kg net


  • Easy to open and close
  • Solo play possible (playback)
  • Easier transport thanks to swiveling wheels


  • It requires some assembly.

Where should the table tennis table to be set up?

When buying a table tennis table, you first have to decide whether I want to play table tennis outdoors or rather indoors.

Not all table tennis tables are weatherproof. Therefore, an outdoor table tennis table is recommended for the outdoor area.

Of course, the cheaper, non-weatherproof table tennis tables can also be used outdoors, but this is not particularly recommended.

Wood is a material that works at extreme temperatures. Even in good weather and sunshine, such a ping pong table can heat up and result in unpleasant cracks and waves on the game surface.

In addition, the surface bleaches heavily.

But moisture does not have a good effect on the panels either. Therefore, indoor tables should not be set up in damp cellars, as this will warp the table tennis table over time.

Your own premises must also be checked. If you have a large cellar available, you should buy an indoor table tennis table.

The game environment and the record itself are the most similar to the rules-compliant competition conditions. You can also play at any time regardless of the weather.

In addition to the weather conditions, even in good weather, the wind causes great problems. Table tennis balls are very light and can be strongly influenced by a draft.

Tips for the location of the outdoor table tennis table

  • The location should be windless and shady if possible. For the better gameplay, it is extremely important that the floor is absolutely level. Because even small bumps, as well as wind or sunshine or light reflections, can strongly disrupt the game.
  • It is shady under a tree, but flowers, pollen, leaves, tree sap or bird droppings can contaminate the table tennis table. If you are not going to use it temporarily, cover the outdoor table tennis table at this location.
  • The lawn is not a suitable surface. On the one hand, the floor is never 100 percent flat and, on the other hand, it can be slippery and smooth with lunges and fast movements, which increases the risk of injury. Concrete, asphalt, or paved floors and solid earth are definitely more suitable here.
  • The ideal place to set up the table tennis table for outdoors is – insofar as there is enough space – a shady place behind the house, on the driveway or under a carport.
  • When choosing the right location, make sure there is enough space for playing. Each player should have at least three meters of space behind and two meters on each side of the TT table. If there is no other option, smaller dimensions are sufficient (2 meters at the back / 1 meter at the side), but spaces that are too narrow increase the risk of injury and limit the play of table tennis.
  • If you want to buy a stationary outdoor TT plate, you have to choose the place with particular care. These TT tables remain in place permanently after use and should be covered with a suitable protective cover after playing.
  • For a mobile outdoor table tennis table that is usually folded up after playing and rolled away on wheels, you need a safe place to park it. It makes sense if it is close to the venue. All the easier and less time-consuming is transportation and overall assembly. This also means that the plate is less exposed to stress. In terms of durability, you should protect the table tennis table with a cover when not in use. These also protect the TT plate from scratches or other damage. 

Where can I buy used table tennis tables?

The first and best point of contact for used table tennis tables is eBay. There end consumers offer the tables at often very reasonable prices.

Many manufacturers and table tennis dealers have demonstration tables that have been used once at trade fairs or table tennis tournaments. Since inquiries cost nothing, that’s another great way to get a table tennis table cheap.

In addition, table tennis clubs replace the old table tennis tables every few years. With a little luck, you can get a good competition table at a fair price.

Frequently asked questions

Buy an indoor or outdoor table tennis table?

In most cases, an outdoor table tennis table is the right choice, as it can easily stay outside all year round and is much more resistant. More than 90% of private individuals order an outdoor table.

This is a reasonable choice, as it can get slightly damp even in garages or cellars.

Indoor tables do not tolerate humidity because of the particleboard. Indoor table tennis tables are mainly bought by table tennis clubs for competition.

How to protect a ping pong table at the end of the season?

If you have purchased a ping pong table and want to put it in the best possible way once the season is over, it can be stored in a closed place, taking care to cover it with a cloth and thus keeping everything you need well-protected. Make sure not to leave it exposed to direct light or outdoors without any protection, a carelessness that could cost you dearly.

Which outdoor table tennis table should I buy?

The table should be chosen based on your abilities: Are you a beginner, an ambitious recreational player, or a professional?

Conclusion on the best outdoor ping pong table 2021 – which table is best?

There are several factors that decide which table tennis table to order now. This mainly depends on your own requirements and the space available on site. 

The budget also plays a role, whereby the purchase of a TT plate is a long-term investment and therefore quality should also be considered.

Basically, your own needs should be well analyzed. A simple and inexpensive table tennis table is enough for occasional games with friends or family. 

But if you want more comfort when parking, better quality, and better playing characteristics, then you have to get deeper into your wallet. After all, such a table tennis table lasts for several decades when used correctly.

Above we have compared and tested the ping pong tables according to the following criteria: Playing characteristics, safety aspects, ease of use, design, stability, quality of materials, solo playability, wheels, brakes, height adjustment, assembly, and price/performance ratio.

Choose according to your needs.

Thanks for reading. Have a good day!

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