6 Best outdoor ping pong tables of 2023 that meet your needs

Ping pong can be played indoors or outdoors. Buying an outdoor ping pong table is a significant investment. This table is going to stay in your backyard for a long time.

You need to be certain while choosing the best outdoor ping pong table. You need to be extra confident with the table and the materials It is made of as this needs to stand firm against heat or rainfall.

Tables for outdoor use are made with special materials that are not found on ordinary ping pong tables as these tables are meant to handle rough weather. You must select the table which is loaded with stable features.

outdoor ping pong table

Also, such types of elements are needed to protect the table from rust, warp, etc. But all the manufacturers claim their tables to be the best, making it difficult for us to choose the right table.

Many manufacturers and brands are there in the market coming up with the top ping pong tables they could. But picking up the one that could serve you for a long time with the budget you have is challenging.

Many brands don’t fulfill their promises as these tables become rusty during the winter season if we left them outdoor.

But we took hours and hours to find the best one and also get the opinions of the real users in consideration.

After looking at the tables thoroughly, we were able to make a shortlist and we ranked them in different criteria so that you can have no confusion choosing the perfect ping pong table that suits you the best.

The 6 best outdoor ping pong tables according to your need.

  • The best value outdoor ping pong table – Cornilleau 540m Crossover Outdoor
  • Best runner up outdoor table tennis table – KETTLER Cabo Outdoor
  • Top budget outdoor ping pong table – JOOLA Nova Pro Plus Outdoor
  • Best outdoor tables for beginners – Butterfly Playback Rollaway Outdoor Ping Pong Table
  • Best weatherproof outdoor ping pong table – kettler outdoor 6
  • Best outdoor ping pong table under 500 – JOOLA NOVA – Outdoor

The best outdoor ping pong tables should be strong, durable, and flat. Also, it should have the quality to increase the fun and pleasure of the players.

What to look for when searching for the best outdoor ping pong table?

Table tennis is popular because its effect on the body is invaluable. At first glance, it seems that this is a simple game that requires a little skill.

Yes, this skill is necessary, but in addition to it, the whole organism develops. Especially the cardiac system. This makes the game relevant for all ages.

You can play table tennis both outdoors and indoors, which is also very convenient if it is winter outside.

When choosing a table for playing outdoors, you need to pay attention to – Moisture resistance; Protection against direct exposure to UV rays, does it withstand temperature changes, etc.

After that, you can consider the equipment according to the type of material being manufactured. It is better not to pay attention to MDF and particleboard products, as these options are more suitable for indoor use.

When choosing an option for outdoor table tennis, it is vital that it is moisture resistant and can withstand any weather.

Such models should also have a lightweight design, which will allow them to be transported without problems to the garage, an advanced folding system, and special rollers for transportation.

Key selection criteria

To examine the material, a person must consider the thickness of the countertops. The quality of the game depends on these parameters: ball speed, rebound, rotation, etc. It is necessary to select according to the rule- the more, the better.

  • Design features of the frame. So when equipping additional crossbars or an enlarged profile, the buyer will receive a quality product that will last 7-9 years, with proper care.
  • The presence of the anti-reflective coating. Most of the foreign representatives are equipped with this, even cheap models. The only difference between budget products and expensive products is that the proposed coating is made using special varnish or paint, which is not a useful tool. The durability of such a solution is two years, maybe less.
  • Folding system. The table of the premium level is designed in such a way that even if a person is distracted when folding, the table will not fall on him, which increases safety.
  • The ability to play alone. This is useful for those who want to improve their skills. To do this, half the table must be raised at a right angle. This mode is available in 95% of products.
  • The presence of the grid in the kit. This is a nice bonus that will save some of the money. Medium-budget and expensive tables are equipped with this.
  • Additional shelves are designed for the safe storage of rackets and balls. This feature will make it possible to store all game equipment in an accessible place, which is very convenient.

Tips for a longer lifespan of the outdoor panel

Outdoor ping pong tables are an investment for several years. They can easily last ten years and more extended – if you take care and handle the plate with care.

Thanks to the weatherproof melamine resin playing surface, the outdoor table tennis table can stand permanently in the rain without damaging the playing surface.

But it is advisable to cover the ping pong table when it is not used for a long time. You should stow the table tennis table in the garage, or the tool shed in winter, for example.

Because even if the materials of these panels are particularly weather-resistant and robust, strongly changing temperatures with frost or intense sunshine and damp weather conditions set for each material some degree of exertion.

There are various TT plate models for outdoor use concerning the construction, which vary depending on the intended use. The base frame can either be made of solid metal (steel or aluminum) or have a folding frame and castors.

If the outdoor table is to remain at the installation site, solid frames are preferable.

The frame consists of a mechanism for folding up the plate and rollers for moving away. The more stable the frame, the more comfortable and safe the plate can be moved out.

In any case, the rollers should be pivotable. If the wheels are covered with rubber and can be swiveled in all directions, the outdoor plate’s handling is more comfortable than non-swiveling wheels or rubber coverings.

Ensure that the wheels are lockable and retractable so that the TT table can’t be moved during play.

A unique form of outdoor table tennis tables is those made of concrete. The assembly is time-consuming and connected with manual efforts. Especially since the table tennis table is also attached to a mounting plate.

The best value outdoor ping pong table for the money – Cornilleau 540m Crossover Outdoor

Cornilleau is one of the biggest manufacturers of ping pong tables worldwide and is simply one of the best. You would find so many Cornilleau outdoor ping pong tables in different places all over the world.

The Cornilleau 540m crossover outdoor table is one of the best products of Cornilleau. You could hardly find any errors or faults in this table. Yes, the price is a bit hefty, but it is worth every penny.

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Main Features of Cornilleau 540m crossover

This is a good outdoor table, with at least one feature that raises it above the rest. Unlike other outdoor tables, this one has an accessory tray available for purchase. The accessory tray provides great storage space and keeps everything you need for your game close by.

The Cornilleau 540M Crossover’s thick 7mm play surface is made of polyethersulfone (PES), a synthetic blend in which acrylic and polyvinyl acetate are blended into PES resin to reduce cracking and turning yellow.

This top can be easily cleaned, using only mild soap and water if necessary. For tougher spots, clean with MATTOPCleaning Wipesor rub liquid dishwashing detergent onto a wet microfiber cloth or soft sponge.

This top is rated to withstand 10 times the pressure of a wooden table, which means that you will get more playtime before you start seeing dents and dings.

The high-density polyurethane (HDPE) laminate provides optimum ball bounce. The HDPE material will not crack or turn yellow over time. Both the frame and the columns are made of galvanized steel for strength, durability, and low maintenance.

A double wheel braking system ensures that you can secure your table in play mode, or lock it in storage mode when no one’s using it. Two 8″ wheels with casters provide easy portability, and they glide easily even on rough terrains like grass or gravel. The Cornilleau 540M Crossover is backed by a 10-year warranty on materials and workmanship.


  • This table is very sturdy, and will likely last for many years.
  • The accessory tray provides great storage space, which helps to keep things tidy between games.  
  • There are no seams on the surface, so the ball bounces true every time.
  • It’s also nice that you don’t have to worry about placing it under a protective cover if you don’t want to – just leave it outside all year long!


  • This table is a bit difficult to assemble in comparison to the other models.
  • The price can be pretty high for what tables are on this list. If you don’t want to deal with assembly, it can be purchased already assembled for an additional cost.
  • You may want to purchase a separate net because the one that it comes with is not very high quality.

We found in our research that the Cornilleau 540m Crossover Outdoor is the overall best ping pong among other tables. If the price is your main concern, you can look at our best budget ping pong table below.

Best runner-up outdoor table tennis table – KETTLER Cabo Outdoor

This Kettler Cabo outdoor is the upgraded version of Kettler Axos 2. The German Kettler company makes it smoother, sturdier, and efficient. We picked this as a runner-up because of the following reasons.

KETTLER Cabo Outdoor ping pong table

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Main Features of Kettler Cabo Outdoor

The Kettler Cabo outdoor is a new Kettler addition to the outdoor Kettler ping pong table family. The 5mm melamine top provides decent bounce and anti-glare coating. This 138 pounds table is a real sturdy one to manage easily in any weather condition.

The tabletop gets firm support from the 1.6-inch steel legs and a strong frame. The steel legs are adjustable according to the even or uneven ground. The table also comes with a ball and paddle storage system.

The table itself is relatively lighter than other outdoor table tennis tables, and the 5.5-inch double rubber wheels let it move around the yard easily. 

The Kettler Cabo makes the folding system so efficient and safe that even a kid can open or fold it easily as it uses a safety lock system. Also, assembling this table tennis table is quite simple. Takes about one and a half hour with some of it comes pre-assembled.


  • Weatherproof elements suitable for resisting any weather situation.
  • Very easy to set up, store and fold. When folded, the table shrinks to half the size of a complete table.
  • Solo playback mode.
  • Compartment for storing ball and rackets.
  • Comes with a free cover, 2 paddles, and 6 balls.
  • The permanent net system with tension and height-adjustable system.
  • Scratch-resistant top
  • Comes with warranty


  • The wheels don’t have a locking system that could be disturbing while playing.

Top budget outdoor ping pong table – JOOLA Nova Pro Plus Outdoor

If you are looking for something that is not too overpriced and gives you the pleasure of playing ping pong, the JOOLA Nova pro plus outdoor is the right choice. Being an outdoor table, you can use it inside as well.

JOOLA is a well-known brand for a long long time as well as the former sponsor of the USA table tennis team. This JOOLA Nova Pro Plus item is one of their best in using it in the backyard, poolside, deck, etc.

JOOLA Nova Pro Plus Outdoor ping pong table

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Main features of JOOLA Nova Pro Plus Outdoor

This table is for the people who are on a tight budget but looking for a good outdoor ping pong table that can stand against different weather conditions with a considerable mark.

The tabletop is made with aluminum-plastic composite. This surface can resist heat or chipping. The 6mm surface will provide a good bounce even after using it for years.

Both halves of this JOOLA table comes with 4 pairs of locking wheels that make it easier for the buyers to move it or store it in a convenient place. The Wheels would roll over any terrain easily.

The 6 inches casters that need to attach with legs ensure the safe transportation of the table. Also, the attachment of casters with legs is quite simple.

Even when you are playing on uneven ground, the adjustable height levelers on each JOOLA Nova Pro Plus leg will help make the table surface balanced.

The net is entirely weather-resistant and comes with an adjustable post that won’t give you any hassle during setup.

The assembly is super easy for JOOLA Nova Plus Pro. It would take only 10 minutes to get the table ready to play.


  • You can fold one half of the table and play or practice solo against it.
  • All-weather net
  • Excellent ball bounce
  • Pretty straight forward assembly
  • It Held up well against dry weather.
  • It can be used as a dining table as well.


  • The net is kind of wimpy. When a wind comes, it seems like bending a little. So I would suggest you buy an extra net as a reserve.
  • I recommend you also keep a cover if you plan to keep it outside during the rainy season. Or better you should keep it indoor when raining.
  • The paint could fade a little after a year or so.

    Note: Needs to be extra careful while lifting it off of the truck to avoid any damage.

Overall buying JOOLA Nova Pro Plus is a good decision. If you take good care of your table and be a little cautious, I can surely say this would serve you for years.

Best outdoor tables for beginners – Butterfly Playback Rollaway Outdoor Ping Pong Table

Let me explain why we choose this Butterfly Playback Rollaway Outdoor Ping Pong Table for beginners. In case you want to turn professional someday, this table should be your first choice as it balances everything – price, quality, warranty, weather resisting power, different game playing options, etc.

Butterfly Playback Rollaway Outdoor Ping Pong Table

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Main Features of Butterfly Playback Rollaway

This all-weather ping pong table might not be a top-rated outdoor ping pong table, but this is a good investment for a newbie and families buying a ping pong table for the first time.

The thick Synthetic Laminate surface is suitable for resisting different rough weather. If you are professional, this kind of surface is not quite the best.

But for playing with friends, family and practicing in your backyard, this is a great table. The surface is very much scratch and UV resistant. 

The table itself is quite mobile. The eight wheels let the table move around easily. The assembly of the Rollaway playback table takes more than two hours but is not really complicated.

You can sort all the nuts and bolts before starting assembly. Also, use a 19 mm wrench to tighten those nuts and bolts. This will save you some time.

This table takes a small space. You can fold it up and keep it safe in your garage or anywhere else during rain, wind, etc. I recommend you use a table cover.


  • Synthetic laminate has been used on top of the table. It also comes with a rustproof frame.
  • Use latches to fold the table safely.
  • Moves easily.
  • Solo playing option.
  • Net, post, and frame include 3 years warranty, and the tabletop consists of 10 years warranty.


  • The wheels are made of plastic, and that is not too durable. Try not to roll it around too much. Also, you can not adjust the legs according to height because of the unadjustable legs. So you need to find an even ground to put the table.
  • The assembly instruction could give you a hard time. So, please understand it first, then start assembling.

Best weatherproof outdoor ping pong table – Kettler Outdoor 6 Table Tennis Table

This table is a serious contender for the best outdoor ping pong table you can find. The Kettler Outdoor 6 table tennis table, is a sturdy and practical product that will serve you, your family, and friends well in any season.


Find it on Megaspin

Main Features of Kettler Outdoor 6

The Kettler Outdoor 6 is designed to provide a high-quality, outdoor experience. The table has an easy-to-use locking mechanism and can be easily stored away when game time isn’t in session. During the cold winter months, the weatherproof 7/8″ (22 mm) sealed aluminum composite tournament top won’t expand or contract in response to temperature changes like inferior plastic tables will.

This particular model has true playback for warmup or solo practice so there’s no worry of a ball going straight through a gap not being seen with these solid metal frames that secure all four edges of the table.

The Kettler Outdoor 6  also provides an official ball return box for collecting balls when practicing.

The table comes with two official Kettler paddles and balls. But why have only the best half of a ping pong set? The net and post are sold separately, so if you want to buy just those items, you can save money as well.


– Durable, easy to use, weatherproof

– Official ball return box for collecting balls when practicing

– This is the best value outdoor ping pong table if you plan on doing some extreme weather play. It’s an investment though because of the price that comes with this quality.

– You can play solo mode as this table is foldable.


– This table can be a little hard to set up. You have to unscrew the handles from the legs and attach them to nuts that come with the table.

Best outdoor ping pong table under 500 – STIGA XTR outdoor

The STIGA XTR outdoor table tennis table is built with rain, snow, and sun resistant 6mm aluminum top, allowing you to play all year round.

Stiga xtr outdoor table

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This table is delivered with a wheel locking system and adjustable legs to overcome the problems of moving and shifting or unevenness of the ground, indispensable for outdoor tables.

It’s easy to set up, and you can also make the most of the available space by choosing to fold half the table to play solo and practice. The leg can be leveled easily with the help of adjustable height levelers when playing on uneven ground.

The 72-inch net, the great bounce will make you feel like a pro, giving you one of the most authentic and enjoyable table tennis experiences available.

For those times of the year when it’s too cold to play, the convenient folding feature keeps the ping pong table from taking up too much space in the yard or garage.


  • Durable construction to withstand the seasons with an all-weather aluminum roof
  • The wheels are equipped with locks to hold them in place.
  • Independent table halves for different playing options
  • 72-inch posts and netting
  • Quick assembly in less than 15 minutes
  • Its lightweight design makes it easy to transport and store.
  • Self-opening feet


  • Pallets not include
  • Must need a cover 
Tables/SpecificationsSize(inch)WeightInclude NetBall and Racket holderSolo Mode
Cornilleau 540m Crossover Outdoor107 x 60 x 29 216 PoundsYesNoYes
KETTLER Cabo Outdoor107 x 60 x 29 138 Pounds YesYesYes 
JOOLA Nova Pro Plus Outdoor107 x 60 x 29 190 PoundsYesNoYes
Butterfly Playback Rollaway 107 x 60 x 29 150 PoundsYesYesYes
Kettler outdoor 6108 x 60 x 30191 PoundsYesYes Yes
Stiga XTR Outdoor 107 x 60 x 29 180 PoundsYesNoYes

Where should the outdoor ping pong table be set up?

When buying a table tennis table, you first have to decide whether you want to play table tennis outdoors or indoors.

Not all table tennis tables are weatherproof. Therefore, an outdoor table tennis table is recommended for the outdoor area.

Of course, the cheaper, non-weatherproof table tennis tables can also be used outdoors, but this is not particularly recommended.

Wood is a material that works at extreme temperatures. Even in good weather and sunshine, such a ping pong table can heat up and result in unpleasant cracks and waves on the game surface.

In addition, the surface bleaches heavily.

But moisture does not have a good effect on the panels either. Therefore, indoor tables should not be set up in damp cellars, as this will warp the table tennis table over time.

Your own premises must also be checked. If you have a large cellar available, you should buy an indoor table tennis table.

The game environment and the record itself are the most similar to the rules-compliant competition conditions. You can also play at any time regardless of the weather.

In addition to the weather conditions, even in good weather, the wind causes great problems. Table tennis balls are very light and can be strongly influenced by a draft.

Tips for choosing the best location for the outdoor table tennis table

  • The location should be windless and shady if possible. For better gameplay, the floor must be absolutely level. Because even small bumps, as well as wind or sunshine or light reflections, can strongly disrupt the game.
  • It is shady under a tree, but flowers, pollen, leaves, tree sap, or bird droppings can contaminate the table tennis table. If you are not going to use it temporarily, cover the outdoor table tennis table at this location.
  • The lawn is not a suitable surface. On the one hand, the floor is never 100 percent flat and, on the other hand, it can be slippery and smooth with lunges and fast movements, which increases the risk of injury. Concrete, asphalt, or paved floors, and solid earth are more suitable here.
  • The ideal place to set up the table tennis table for outdoors is – insofar as there is enough space – a shady place behind the house, on the driveway, or under a carport.
  • When choosing the right location, make sure there is enough space for playing. Each player should have at least three meters of space behind and two meters on each side of the TT table. If there is no other option, smaller dimensions are sufficient (2 meters at the back / 1 meter at the side), but spaces that are too narrow increase the risk of injury and limit the play of table tennis.
  • If you want to buy a stationary outdoor TT plate, you have to choose the place with particular care. These TT tables remain permanently after use and should be covered with a suitable protective cover after playing.
  • For a mobile outdoor table tennis table that is usually folded up after playing and rolled away on wheels, you need a safe place to park it. It makes sense if it is close to the venue. All the easier and less time-consuming is transportation and overall assembly. This also means that the plate is less exposed to stress. You should protect the table tennis table with a cover when not in use in terms of durability. These also protect the TT plate from scratches or other damage.

Where can I buy used table tennis tables?

The first and best point of contact for used table tennis tables is eBay. There end consumers offer the tables at often very reasonable prices.

Many manufacturers and table tennis dealers have demonstration tables that have been used once at trade fairs or table tennis tournaments. Since inquiries cost nothing, that’s another great way to get a table tennis table cheap.

Also, table tennis clubs replace the old table tennis tables every few years. With a little luck, you can get a good competition table at a fair price.

You might want to take a look at these tables as well.

Frequently asked questions

Should I Buy an indoor or outdoor table tennis table?

In most cases, an outdoor table tennis table is the right choice, as it can easily stay outside all year round and is much more resistant. More than 90% of private individuals order an outdoor table.
Indoor tables do not tolerate humidity because of the particleboard. Table tennis clubs mainly buy indoor table tennis tables for competition.

How thick should a table tennis top be?

Table tennis tabletop thickness should be in the range of 19mm to 22mm. 19mm is the least to expect a consistent bounce.

What are the good ranges for outdoor table tennis tables?

Anywhere between 500 to 2000 is a good range for outdoor table tennis table. The more you spend the more you get.

Who makes the best ping pong tables?

There is a number of top companies in the world that make great ping pong tables. But for me, Cornilleau is the one that provides the best tables.

Can ping pong tables stay outside?

Outdoor ping pong tables are made of weather-resistant and waterproof elements that allow the tables to stay strong outside against any weather.

Conclusion on the best outdoor ping pong table 2022 – which table is best?

Several factors decide which table tennis table to order now. This mainly depends on your requirements and the space available on site. 

The budget also plays a role, whereby the purchase of a TT plate is a long-term investment, and therefore, You should also consider quality.

You should well analyze your own needs. A simple and inexpensive table tennis table is enough for occasional games with friends or family. 

But if you want more comfort when parking, better quality, and better playing characteristics, then you have to get deeper into your wallet. After all, such a table tennis table lasts for several decades when used correctly.

Above we have compared and tested the ping pong tables according to the following criteria: Playing characteristics, safety aspects, ease of use, design, stability, quality of materials, solo playability, wheels, brakes, height adjustment, assembly, and price/performance ratio.

Choose according to your needs.

Thanks for reading. Have a good day!

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