What are a knuckleball and knuckle serve in table tennis?


What is a table tennis knuckle Knuckleball in table tennis refers to a non-rotating ball. It is a non-rotating ball or a ball hit with very little rotation that surprises the opponent. Rotation is a very important factor in table tennis. You can’t win a table tennis match without knowing the rotation.  Read your opponents rotation and hide your rotation. It … Read more

What is a flick in table tennis?

what is a flick in table tennis

Flick” is one of the table tennis techniques. In this article, I have summarized the basic knowledge of flicks under the theme of “What is flick in table tennis?” The flick is a really useful shot in table tennis. It allows you to attack short backspin and no-spin ball while you are in the receiving … Read more

What is a smash in table tennis?

table tennis smash

“Smash” is the best hit of table tennis. Today, we are going to talk about what is a smash in table tennis. Smash is one of the ways to hit the ball hard in table tennis. The person watching it feels good, and the person hitting it feels good. The smash in table tennis is a … Read more