How to play aggressive table tennis?(illustrated tactics)

how to play aggressive table tennis

Aggressive table tennis tactics. Victory over an opponent is obtained due to one of two components: psychological attitude and technical superiority. Having one of the advantages allows you to win the meeting.  The psychological attitude is important – this is the desire to fight for every point, despite the state of the score in the game. … Read more

How long table tennis rubber last?

how long a table tennis rubber lasts

Table tennis rubber plays a vital role in a game. A player changes paddle rubber to upgrade his game. A rubber needs to be changed after a period of time. So, how long a table tennis rubber lasts? In general, High elasticity rubber lasts about 3 months. Tension rubber lasts about 2 months. Adhesive rubber … Read more

How to take care of a ping pong paddle?

How to take care of ping pong paddle

Ping pong paddle/rubber care is required As I wrote above, maintenance of the ping pong paddle and rubber is essential. Before knowing how to take care of a ping pong paddle the question comes in mind that why should you take care of a ping pong paddle.   Below is a list of adverse effects … Read more