What is a smash in table tennis?

“Smash” is the best hit of table tennis. Today, we are going to talk about what is a smash in table tennis.

Smash is one of the ways to hit the ball hard in table tennis. The person watching it feels good, and the person hitting it feels good.

The smash in table tennis is a stroke that a player hit hard from the top in order to attack his opponent. Generally, the smash is being hit as the ball bounces a bit higher than the normal.

I am going to explain the “meaning of words” and “difference from drive” about smash.

What does table tennis smash mean?

What is smash

Smash in table tennis is an attacking stroke. It is characterized by hitting without applying rotation. Since no rotation is applied, the speed increases and the power increases. 

Smash is the fastest hitting technique in table tennis. The top player, Smash, is said to reach 280 km / h.

It takes about 0.2 seconds for the smash at 280km / h to bounce on the opponent’s court. It is faster than humans can react. 

Even if you don’t get that much speed, smash is yet very powerful hit in ping-pong. That’s why it is recognized to be a special move.

The way to hit is basically the same as a normal forehand. If you swing fast and hit hard, it will be a “smash”. Smash is the first weapon learned by table tennis beginners because it is the basic way of hitting.

Smash meaning “crush”

Smash is an English word. The direct translation is “crush (break into pieces with strong force), crack, and destroy.” It’s a word with a unique character.

In addition to the meaning of “crushing”, it is also used to mean “beat hard” or “hit”. An example sentence “He smashed the door open.”  A feeling of outrage drifting from the example sentence.

I tried to summarize the meaning of smash in English with a list. Summary of meaning of smash

  • Destroy
  • Divide
  • Smash
  • Wreck
  • Destroy
  • Bang
  • Bash

The first thing I remember when I hear smash in a game is Nintendo’s masterpiece game “Nintendo All-Star Super Smash Bros.” This game is a fighting game in which characters such as Mario and Pikachu appear. 

Blowing away the opponent is one of the big factors of winning the ping pong match like in the Nintendo game where the character makes full use of the heavy attack “smash” to blow away the opponent.

Smash uses in different games

The term “smash” is often used in the outrageous world, but the word smash is used in several other games, including table tennis.

What I immediately think of is a game using rackets of “table tennis,” “tennis,” and “badminton.” Used in all competitions with the meaning of “bang”.

By the way, there is also a balance smash hit in volleyball (spike by turning an extended arm to hit). In any case, there is no doubt that “bang = smash” is recognized.

Among the sports smashes mentioned above, the badminton smash has the fastest speed. The fastest speed registered in the Guinness World Records is 426km / h. 

you would love to read How to hit a powerful smash.

Smash in table tennis is “bang”

Smash in table tennis is a “bang” as explained above. It is a method of hitting a floating ball with a knuckle on the opponent’s court.

There are two types: “fore smash“, which strikes with the forehand, and back smash, which strikes with the backhand. Both of these are intense hits, where you can score points with a single blow.

Smash in table tennis can be called a deadly move. In many table tennis games, I often see forehand smashes. 

This is because there are many people who smash the ball on the backside aren’t as good as hitting the ball on the foreside.

The reason is that the forehand is more stable and powerful. Sometimes, players also went around and hit fore smash.

However, when I can play backsmash, it feels pretty cool. Because I don’t have as many chances to try it compared to fore smash. I like watching a backsmash played perfectly.

Smash is a double-edged special move.

Again, smashing table tennis is a deadly move. The player who hits the smash has an overwhelming advantage. On the other hand, if you make a mistake or return, the mental damage will be immense.

It’s a double-edged special move. As the smashed word means, it is necessary to drive and punch with a feeling of crushing the opponent.

I feel refreshed when I Smash. You can say that this is one of the real pleasures of table tennis, where you can punch smashes without touching them. 

If you decide on a smash at the time of a match, your good feelings will increase and it will also have a positive effect on the development of the match.

That’s why there is a lot of reaction when you make a mistake. The mental damage is also big, and the enthusiasm of the opponent who scored by returning from a disadvantageous position also increases.

Also, the feeling of getting your powerful smashes returned by the opponent feels so disappointing that you feel like crying.

Types of table tennis smash

I summarized the types of table tennis smash. To my knowledge, there are four types of smash. Here are some tips and tricks.

  • Forehand smash
  • Backhand smash (compact bang)
  • Backhand smash (power swing)
  • Edge Smash

Forehand smash

The first type of smash is a forehand smash. As the name implies, it is a forehand smash. Since it hits a powerful and speedy ball, it has a very high score.

Many people are better in forehand smashes than back smashes, so many people also wrap around the backside ball to hit fore smash.

Backhand smash (compact bang)

The second type of smash is a backhand smash (compact bang).

Backhand banging is a great advantage of shake hands. If you are using a shake hand racket, you can improve it by mastering the backhand smash.

Backhand smash (power swing)

The third type of smash is a backhand smash (power swing).

This is also one of the types of backhand smash. It is a more powerful smash than a compact smash. This is the type of smash that you want to use as the final hit for a chance ball.

It is a smash that is often hit at a position away from the table.

Edge Smash

The following is the extra edition. It does not lead to much improvement in table tennis technology. It would be helpful if you could read it in a playful way.

Table tennis smash is basically the above 3 types -fore smash, back smash (compact smash), back smash (power swing)). However, there are smashes that are not classified into three types. That is edge smash.

Unlike edge balls, which hit the edge of the table to smash, it is a smash that hits the edge of the racket.

This is a special move. It’s more powerful than a regular smash … No one smashes on the edge, so people who are hit are likely to be confused.

It is a kind of smash introduction that could not be used in practice but could be used in play.

How amazing to hit with a width of about 3 m!

With a maximum speed of 498km, the badminton court is 13.4m vertically. The tennis court with a maximum speed of 263km is 23.77m vertically.

On the other hand, the table tennis table is only 2.74m. Within about 3 m, we are hitting balls at 200-300 km / h. It takes about 0.2 seconds from hitting to bouncing on the opponent’s court.

It reacts to smashes at this speed, and sometimes it strikes back. What is great about table tennis is not the speed of the ball, but the reaction speed.

Speaking of speed, I think it is one of the top classes in ball games.

What is the difference between smash and drive?

Smash and drive are the fastest hits in table tennis. Both are aggressive hits. If you have never played table tennis, you may confuse the two and remember them.

However, smash and drive in table tennis are clearly different. 


Never be hesitant to hit the ball powerfully with a smash. This will boost your confidence and the morale of your opponent will be down for a bit.

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