Will a ping pong table transport/fit in Minivan/SUV/truck?

Fit a ping pong table in minivan

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I was thinking, how can I bring a ping pong table home safely? What are my options? Will it fit in a Minivan, Honda Hiace, Truck or I have to consider another option?

will a ping pong table fit in a minivan?

The simple answer about Minivan is- Yes, you can fit a ping pong table in the minivan if you remove a couple of backseats or you can fit it on the top of the minivan with the help of a Roof Rack.

Let’s dive into the details and see other options that I found while searching for the better one.

First, let me tell you what is the standard size of a table tennis table.

Have you chosen your ping pong table? Not yet? Here, have a look at these guides to choose a perfect table.

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Shape of the table

The top surface of the table tennis table is a rectangle 2.74m long and 1.525m wide, and is horizontally located 76 cm above the ground. A net stretched perpendicular to the long side of the table divides the table into two coats.

The net is suspended at a height of 15.25 cm from the base and is supported by supports attached to both ends of the base.

The table, constructed with MDF plywood, ensures flat surface, enough hardness, and optimum bounce level.

Usually, green, blue, or black- three colors the manufacturers use to make a ping pong table. Above all, the two parts of the table enable it to divide into portions.

Some general knowledge: The table tennis table had a green color close to black until the 1980s. At the 41st World Table Tennis Championships held in Chiba City in 1991 and the Barcelona Olympic Games held in 1992, the use of this blue table tennis table spread worldwide and became the current mainstream.

So what are my options?

Let’s see all the transportation options, size of those vehicles etc.

Size of minivan and truck


Minivans come in five sizes, each with their own characteristics.

Five sizes of minivans


Based on a compact car. Easy to drive with small turns. The third row of S and SS class is quite narrow, and it may be difficult for adult men to sit down. So this one might not do the job for you.


The luggage compartment and room are secured to a certain extent, and the overall height is rather low.


Most standard size, the most popular among the family.


The room width and room length are wider than M, but the overall height is lower. Produce a sense of luxury in the interior.


The maximum size of both exterior and interior is luxurious.

The smallest SS size and the largest LL size have a size difference that does not seem like the same minivan. 

If the minivan is used only for picking up and shopping for children and wants to carry luggage without using the 3rd row too much, I think that SS size does not matter depending on the size of the luggage.

The third row of seats can be folded to create a large luggage compartment, which can be loaded with a lot of luggage.

For outdoor sports with big equipment like ping pong table, I think the M – L size is the best choice when it comes to carrying the equipment with the family.


The standard dimension of an SUV is 4843mm in length, 2016mm in width and 1778mm in height.  Even though the dimension looks perfect, it is not a right choice to try to fit a table into an SUV.

Toyota Hiace

The size of the top plate of the table is 1525 × 2740 × 760.

I think that the standard roof of a Hiace is only 1320mm, the high roof is 1590 mm, so you can not stack it.

If you are considering Toyota Hiace v6 or Toyota Hiace Diesel than this might work for you as both of these comes with about 5265mm length, 1950mm width and 1990mm height.

Even if you forget about the space that driving sit covers, the remaining space behind should be enough to fit a table.

Pickup truck

The best options so far is to use a pickup truck. The ping pong table should be easily transported with a pickup truck.

How to transport the table home safely

Now, how can you fit your ping pong table in the options we mentioned above?  Also we are going to see if other unconventional ways work for us or not.

Divide table into pieces             

Some ping pong tables may be too large for some automobiles. If your ping pong table is removable, the solution is quickly found. Use its instructions and follow the steps for disassembly.

For those who have lost the leaflet or do not have time to search or read it, the following advice is yours. Start by folding your ping pong table starting with the surface, the tabletop.

Follow the fold line of the mechanism then fold the panels towards each other. If, however, your table only folds by the legs, follow the locking points.

If it can be folded in two ways, always start with the table top and finish with the legs.

The simple rules of bringing home a big equipment or sports table is to divide it into pieces if possible Fortunately, ping pong table can be partitioned into even 4 pieces.

Attach it to the roof of the car

So, in case you are using a Minivan or SUV you need to consider a few things.  You need to buy a Roof rack for your Minivan or SUV for the following method I am about to explain.

First of all, see if the legs of the table are made of sturdy metal or not. If it is made of sturdy metal you can not bring it home in one trip on a single Minivan or SUV.

You need a couple of trip to make all of it home. Two trips for two parts (in case, you don’t have two vans and someone is not helping you out with the other one)

Why? Because of the legs. You need to turn the table and the surface of the table should be placed on the Roof rack. And the legs will be up facing the sky. Like a dying cockroach.

To make it home safely you need to tie a rope around the table with your van so that it doesn’t tip over.

In case, the legs are not sturdy then you can bring both of the parts in one trip tying both parts with a rope.

 This way, you will get two advantage:

  1. You can travel with your family along with the ping pong table.
  2.  Seats of the minivan will not get any damage.

Using Hiace or Truck.

If you are using a Honda hiace (V6 orDiesel) or Mini trucks then this should be easy for you.

You need to tie all the boxes or ask a friend or two to stay on the back of the truck to hold the boxes while using minitruck.

When using Honda Hiace V6 or Diesel you need to be careful in the back while trying to insert the table. Try to fit it diagonally.


If you want to bring your ping pong table back into your car at all costs, you will have to force it. To do this, remove all the furniture from your car and then install it.

Note that this will only be possible if you own a large car. There will therefore not be much that will follow you if it is for example a move.

Use a business or hire a van

In the case of a move, if you cannot transport your ping-pong table alone, then call on a moving company. Their vehicles are large enough to have as much furniture as you want. Your table tennis table will surely find a place.

You can also hire a van that will move your ping pong table. However, it is recommended that this be done only when your ping pong table is not removable. This will save you money.

People also ask

Will a ping pong table fit in a Honda Odyssey?

Yes, ping pong table may fit in Honda odyssey keeping the dimension in mind. But you might need to make it fit diagonally and pull the seats out in the back.

Will it fit in a station wagon?

It will. Mostly happen by removing the middle seats (of course those in the back too if it is a 7 seater).


Table tennis or ping pong table is a sport that gives you enough freedom. It can indeed be played everywhere. In a living room, in the garden, at the pool, wherever you feel it. This is the reason why the ping pong table is movable.

With Minivan or SUV, it will be hard to carry the table if you can divide it only into two parts. But, you are fortunate if you can break it into four portions. It is necessary to take adequate measures in the event of transport as it is quite fragile in structure.

Bringing that table successfully into your place will vanish all your stress.

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