Choose the best position for you in soccer easily

Playing soccer is fun, but playing in a position where you can best use your talents is even better and more fun!

Most players start playing soccer at a certain position, and progress to a higher or lower position on the field over time.

What position are you made for?

You are a real attacker if …

For you playing soccer equals scoring! You have to have good technique, be light-footed for the goal (you have to become a real killer!).

Be able to keep up with the ball to get your team to you, and also be able to control the game without the ball, in order to create space for your teammates.

Please note: if you perform well you will be honored as an attacker, but an inefficient attacker will get a lot from the critics. So having elephant skin is not a bad mental trait.

During certain matches, your team will be beaten, and you will not have many scoring chances, or even get good balls. In those kinds of matches, you have to play correctly and be efficient with the few balls you get.

Do you think you have all those qualities? Then you can be number 9!

Midfielder, your thing?

Do you have good technique, do you like the game in front of you and do you like to play the ball to your teammates? Then you might be a real midfielder!

A midfielder must have a good overview of the game, whether you are a defensive midfielder, central midfielder or wing player.

Moreover, you must also be able to ensure that the attackers can play as well as possible because you are the link between the defense and the attack.

Everyone can remember a game where the midfield was dominated and the team was split in two. In situations like that, you can see that playing without a strong midfield can become very difficult.

A good midfielder must also be able to keep up with the ball and play it around, which can be very helpful for teams that are dominated in the game.

Sometimes it can be enough to hold the ball for a few seconds to regroup and regain yourself. Finally, the physical aspect is also very important: winning the battle from midfield requires full commitment.

Are you already a midfielder? Then don’t change, you are made for this! Not a midfielder yet? Then give it a try, you may never want anything else.

You are a born center-back if you …

Have tremendous physical abilities. In modern soccer, however, that is not nearly enough. You have to be able to head well, see through the game, see the direction of the ball, and be able to anticipate what is to come.

You must be able to counterattack well, but depending on the playing style of your team, this can be the case to a lesser or greater extent (if your club plays a lot with long balls, this aspect is less important).

You shouldn’t be afraid of going into a duel either! You have to be able to put pressure from the first minutes of the game and try to immediately take the upper hand over your direct opponents.

Being able to communicate with your goalkeeper and the other players in the defense is also an important condition for success.

Do you recognize yourself in this description? Then the position of the central defender is really something for you!

Is side Defender Your Best Position?

A good side defender is of course a good defender in the first place! Too often we emphasize the attacking input of the side players, rather than their defensive role.

Now that we’ve gotten that off the track (and we couldn’t ignore that for a while), we must of course emphasize that in modern soccer, where transcending your own task has become essential, side players must be able to provide power.

Which brings us to an indispensable feature of the side game 2.0: that of the center. Side players who can efficiently group in midfield are an important fighting force. You need a lot of stamina for this position: not everyone can fight off all attacks for 90 minutes’

Do you have these characteristics? Then you can show all your talents as a side defense!

Do you have goalkeeping qualities?

The goalkeeper position is very specific in soccer. Unlike the attackers, he rarely receives praise, but his role is no less important!

Stopping balls at important moments in the game have the same value as a goal, or even more, if you as a goalkeeper can keep a positive result or just keep a tie.

To be the last defense you must have many qualities. First and foremost, you have to be very strong physically, to be able to absorb all the shocks from falling and to jump high enough in the penalty area.

You also need to have good reflexes. You have to be able to anticipate, as a keeper, you often have to make decisions in a fraction of a second. Being able to make a quick decision really has advantages here!

You should also not be afraid to throw yourself at the feet of the attackers of the opposing team. Having the ability to play ‘neatly’ in the feet, in both long and short games, completes the arsenal of the perfect, modern keeper.

Are you ready to take on the goalkeeper challenge?

Best position for fast players

There are no rules for fast players to play in a fixed position. However, there are certain places that are more suitable for fast players.

  • Right Wings
  • Left wings
  • Right midfielder
  • Left midfielder
  • Striker
  • Right back
  • Left back


Wings position is a very tempting position for fast players. A winger has to run faster the most during the game. A winger needs to have speed more than skills.

The speed of a team’s play, attack, etc. depends a lot on the winger. A winger has to increase his speed after beating the opponent’s defense and also has to help the defense by lowering the wing to prevent the opponent’s counter-attack which requires him to come to the defense from the attack quickly.

In addition, a winger has to run at full speed behind the ball to receive a long pass from his defense


In the case of midfielders, especially right midfielders and left midfielders are suitable positions for fast players.

Right midfielders and left midfielders play the same role as wings, but they have to stay in the midfield more often so that they can dominate in the midfield.

But these two midfielders have an important role to play in getting it going fast. In this case, speed works as a plus point.


The job of a striker is to score goals. We see a striker tapping and scoring with a head or with a powerful shot.

But there is a situation in the game when a striker has to go and grab the through ball passed by another player of his team before the opponent’s defense and score a goal.

In all these cases, your speed will increase the number of your goals. And if you are slow, you will miss such moments.


Right back and left back plays massive roles in defense, midfield and attack. They help the defense then go and play with the midfielders and go to the attack by overlapping.

Also, they need to come back to the defense fast when they lose a ball because that’s their main job. All of this need fast running.

Wrapping up

Don’t know yet? Then take your time. Watch some soccer on tv. Look at your favorite players. Observe which part of the field attracting you more. Also, look at your emotions in the field. What makes you excited? What you are good at?

Don’t worry! You will find your position pretty soon.

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