Best outdoor basketballs 2023

If in your free time you love to do some shots with your friends in the playground or with your children in the park, you will know that the quality of the materials available on the best outdoor basketballs makes the game more fun.

Without a doubt, basketball is one of the greatest pastimes that always seem young, no matter if you play it in your additional time or play as a training routine. Whatever the reason is, to enjoy the game to its extent you would be required to choose good outdoor basketball.

You may be of the idea that one ball is as good as another. But, most likely after reading the review below you can learn about different balls and their material characteristics that will let you choose the best outdoor basketball.

Spalding NBA Street

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This Spalding NBA street basketball is especially suitable for the outdoor practice. It has a particularly resistant rubber surface that guarantees long life and makes it impervious to the dangers of asphalt and concrete fields.

The innovations made to the grip offer a secure and easily controllable grip. It is suitable for both experienced players and basketball amateurs. The age-adaptable measures make it suitable for kids and training too.

This is why it is available in three different sizes according to different game needs and age. This versatility means that it is considered a “starter” ball precisely because it is so easy to handle and with guaranteed performance, even in the presence of a not highly professional player.

Intensive use reveals good resistance; the surface of the ball does not change and does not become smooth. Even the weight undergoes slight changes, however, so few as to be practically irrelevant.

The roughness of the surface and the grip are particularly stable. Since they do not undergo significant changes with use, even intensively and even on pitches with a particularly rough surface.

This ball is ideal for kids who play a lot because it is a resistant ball that does not need to be treated with too much consideration. The cost is meagre, and the quality/price ratio is just as good.


  • Good stable grip and bounce
  • Good gift for kids
  • Durable on rough surfaces.


  • With use, it tends to become slightly oval

Glowcity light up basketball

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Glowcity light up basketball brings you the pleasure of playing at night. You can play with this ball anytime anywhere. The LED lights included inside the ball can be easily removed when not in use.

This type of ball is one of the best gifts to a kid, teenagers, school or college students etc. This ball is not heavier even though it carries batteries inside.

Glowcity LED balls have become really popular overtime for their amazing specs. This amazing looking ball comes with two LEDs while other glowing balls feature only one LED. These two LEDs would let you play even after the sunset comfortably.

The LEDs also automatically start and shut off according to your needs. So, when you need them to light up you just have to bounce the ball once on the ground. Also, if you want to turn the light off just rest the ball for 40 secs, do not play. It will automatically shut off.

The glow of this basketball depends on included batteries. However, the batteries are replaceable. Once connected the batteries would serve you for 30 hours to play actively.

Also, the tool to replace the batteries is provided. The orange outer rubber shell of the ball looks really awesome when the lights are turned on.


  • Two bright LED lights included
  • Looks and feels like a normal basketball
  • The ball is durable


  • The black paint tends to fade away

Wilson evolution

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The intermediate size 6 and the weight suitable for indoor and outdoor use (about 540 g), make the Wilson Evolution ball the ideal basketball for everyone. The official size is also suitable for women and girls aged 14 and over.

The ball is especially useful in contexts with sports parquets, such as linoleum or PVC. But it can also be easily used on irregular and grainy surfaces. The grip has been further improved, thanks to the waterproof and moisture-resistant synthetic leather layer.

The structure uses the Cushion core technology, integrating some high-efficiency pads inside the ball. It provides optimal performance even in the race, ensuring a safe non-slip grip and a very soft touch.

Even the external texture, with thermal qualities that improve its adhesion to the ground, is very smooth and pleasant. The rebound is sure and decisive, very constant.

Its professional design anticipates excellent performance and high-performance use. It is suitable for setters and those who love to try their hand at difficult games, in Step Back and Cross-over which, with this ball, are much more fun.

The quality/price ratio is absolutely balanced. In addition, it has a lower cost than other products at the same level: another reason why its purchase is certainly to be recommended.


  • Delivers exceptional performance
  • Approved by NFHS
  • Feels soft and comfortable
  • Good grip provides ultimate control


  • Finishing needs more improvement.

Spalding NBA Varsity Basketball Outdoor

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Spalding is one of the biggest names in NBA and overall basketball world. They proudly produced so many outstanding products for basketball lovers and this Varsity outdoor ball is just one of them. This ball is one of the cheapest and high-quality ball you will find.

The ball is made of high-quality rubber and it grips pretty well. The ball comes in so many colour combinations that you will be confused to buy the best one. Also, it comes in two different sizes – official and intermediate.

Rubber balls grip well by nature but also these balls are costly. As an outdoor basketball manufacturer, you need to find the right balance between the grip and durability of the ball surface. You cannot make it soft if you want it to lasts longer.

Varsity rubber basketball seems soft but not something to worry about too much. The ball is quite durable and grips well. Ball rotation in the air and the stability is quite awesome.

The ball’s bounce quality is also satisfactory. The bounce seems consistent on any surfaces and shows no real issues. The ball falls in the middle range as far as the price concern.

You cannot expect all the quality and predictability of the behavior of the ball during a game but overall the ball gives a good impression and durability.


  • Affordable price
  • Good value for money
  • Durable and good grips


  • Performance varies on different surfaces.

Wilson NCAA USA Replica

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The Wilson NCAA is designed for both indoor and outdoor use. It uses materials that can absorb moisture. The ability to absorb moisture is a feature that has earned it a wide consensus among basketball lovers. Your hands are very likely to get wet with sweat when playing.

The good news is that the ball is made of materials that absorb moisture. This means that it will stay dry during all phases of the game, which eliminates the problems of slipping the ball out of the hands or the loss of control.

It has a good value for money when considering the segment of composite leather balls. This type of leather is used in professional basketballs, it is chosen for its high durability and above all for its excellent performance.

The ball design offers exceptional sensitivity and precise rebound, the patented channel design offers the user excellent grip and firm ball control.


  • Useful for indoor and outdoor play
  • Provides better ball control
  • The official ball of the NCAA Championship
  • Excellent value for money


  • Needs frequent inflation

Champion sports official Basketball      

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This champion sports heavy-duty rubber ball is known for superior air retention. The rubber cover allows you to play with the ball frequently indoor or on the pavement.

The ball comes in five different sizes – mini, junior, intermediate, official and oversized. All the balls are made to play on any kind of surface. This ball is well enough to play Indoor, outdoor, concrete, playground courts you name it.

The ball uses a butyl bladder for air retention so the ball bounce is balanced and delivers you a good bouncy-pass. Also, you don’t have to inflate the ball more often.

The rubber covers hold up to regular gameplay on the street or indoor, excellent for sudden matches or big games. The champion sports ball comes in different colors and is useful for a newbie to professional.

The balls are designed with a traditional 8-panel. The ball uses a microfiber composite leather cover to ensure durability. The ball also meets the NCAA specification. So you will feel like a pro when playing.

But to feel so you need to select the perfect ball size as well as it offers different sizes for different sex and ages. The official size (29.5”) is 7.


  • The ball can be inflated easily
  • Perfect as a gift
  • Good value for money
  • Well-built and durable


  • The ball comes without inflation
  • Mini basketballs come in orange colors only

Chance premium rubber indoor/outdoor basketball

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Unlike Nike, Spalding, Wilson, the Chance is a relatively new company in the field of basketball. The unique design of the ball makes them stand out of the crowd though.

The leather they use is excellent for indoor/outdoor. But playing it outdoors can shorten the lifespan of the ball more than playing it indoor.The rubber material they use is claimed to be of premium quality.

So, it will provide extra durability and grip on any playing surface. You can expect a good consistent bounce on any given field as it promises optimal ball pressure. 

The ball comes in different sizes for different ages. Kids, girls, juniors can use the size 5 ball, size 6 is perfect for the women’s team and size 7 is for men’s. All balls are made to play indoors, outdoors, playground, concrete, etc.

The chance basketballs are different for their design. Other unique design balls are too pricey compare to the chance premium balls with a variety of not so common designs.

It gives you the comfort of soft spongy touch as well as a good amount of grip while playing. Overall the ball bounce is good. Not too low, not too high. You can expect the ball to go where you want it to be.


  • Variety of multi-color designs
  • Available for kids, men, women etc.
  • Good for practice.
  • Standard durability


  • Ball comes deflated
  • Expensive in terms of other quality rubber balls

Senston Basketball

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This beautiful Senston basketball is part of a range of products famous for being the ideal gift for children and teenagers, especially in its size 7. Covered in non-toxic natural rubber, it is designed to be completely harmless to the skin.

For this reason, it is easy to handle and very delightful to use. The gaming performance is still high and, from a structural point of view, it is very resistant to wear. The granulated surface offers excellent grip and easy and always safe control.

In the black colour with golden details, it is particularly pleasant and elegant. From an aesthetic point of view, the designs shown on the surface are very captivating, as well as durable and tend not to fade with use, even continuous and intensive.

The package also includes the pump, two needles and a mesh case to carry the ball. In short, it is the perfect gift not only for children but for all basketball sports lovers.

The technical characteristics of rebound and lightness are very good. It is a ball that resists well and maintains its functional characteristics even if it is often used to play outdoors and on unconventional surfaces.


  • Different colors and sizes to choose from
  • Pump and Needle included
  • The rubber is synthetic and eco-friendly


  • Sometimes deflates quickly

Buying guide

In order to find the best outdoor basketball, you need to consider a few things before buying. We have listed the things you need to look for below.

Rubber balls

Rubber is another widely used material for making outdoor basketballs. It is an economical and resistant material. Their main drawback is that they tend to be rougher in contact with the hand. They also don’t give that good feeling to the hands. If you have trouble handling the ball, this could result in your shot failing, thus affecting your overall shot rate.

Composite leather

This is one of the most commonly used materials in professional basketball today. It is a cheaper and more versatile material. This material is perfectly suited for indoor and outdoor use. It is wear-resistant to outdoor courts.

Therefore, you will be able to handle the control and your shot rate will remain the same over time. If you are looking for a ball that increases your shot rate, then composite skin is definitely recommended.

Indoor or outdoor

Basketballs can be made of different materials. At a professional level, real leather ones are used, suitable only for indoor play. But a basketball can also be made of synthetic material, such as rubber or other plastic derivatives.

The latter lend themselves better to outdoor play, therefore on the neighborhood pitch or at the back of the house. What if you play both in the gym and on the street? In this case, the right compromise can be given by a model in synthetic leather, resistant and with a more than appreciable rebound.

The size of the ball

Basketballs have different sizes, five to be precise, which must be chosen taking into account the age of the player. The first measure is for 3-year-olds who may not be able to make a dunk but will still know how to have fun with the ball.

Size 3 is for children between 4 and 6 years of age while from 7 to 12 size 5 must be used. In the case of adults, a gender distinction is also made. For women’s teams, from 12 years upwards, size 6 is used. Male teams, always from 12 years onwards, use size 7.

Choose the best brands

The major brands that produce sporting goods continue to invest in technology, choosing to use systems and materials that promise to increase the potential of their products. They are seeking excellence in the practice of basketball, which has millions of fans in all parts of the world.

What’s the best outdoor basketball for you?

So, in case, you are still confused about which one to buy here is our rank of choices.

Best overall – Wilson Evo

2nd Choice – Wilson NCAA Replica

Beginner’s best/Kids – Spalding NBA Street

Best indoor/outdoor- Chance premium Basketball

Best budget – Senston Basketball

Best fun ball – Glowcity Light up Basketball

Alternate to best budget ball – Spalding NBA versity

If you love to play basketball outdoors, you might have searched around the internet about the best outdoor basketballs. Now, this detailed guide should help you find the answer.

Playing basketball with a reliable ball is essential for the success of the game or even just training. If you play mainly outdoors, on concrete or asphalt or uneven surfaces, it is better to choose a rubber ball, which is more resistant to friction with the ground and also to wear.

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