Xiom Vega Europe review 2023

In this article, we take a look at the Xiom Vega Europe rubber sheet. We will discuss the characteristics of the rubber and provide an overview of its performance. Finally, we will give our verdict on whether or not we think it is worth purchasing.

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Take a look at the unbiased feature selections below.

Stability is excellent

Vega Europe is one of the most controllable rubbers in the series. It has a soft sheet and sponge and is known for its stability. Because it is easy to control, this rubber is often recommended for beginners.

The soft sponge and sheet allow you to hit the ball as if you were grabbing it, and it is also easy to rotate. If you are looking for stability, I recommend Vega Europe.

Susceptibility to spin

Soft rubbers are easy to spin, but on the other hand, they are also susceptible to the opponent’s spin. Vega Europe is no exception to this rule. If you are insensitive to rotation with hard rubber from the start, you may have a hard time later on.


Vega Europe is highly rated for its control and rotation performance, but not so much for its speed. I think it will be insufficient for intermediate-level players and above.

The rebound performance is still low. When it comes to driving, you will be beaten by the opponent’s ball. If you have some skills, I think a harder rubber would be better.

Recommended for beginners

As mentioned above, Vega Europe has a reputation for being “easy to control” and “easy to spin”. These two elements fit the requirements for a rubber suitable for beginners who have not yet mastered basic skills. However, I personally do not recommend it for the first one. For the first one, we recommend a control rubber.

I think Vega Europe is just fine to use around the third to the fourth one.

Use it on the back surface if you are intermediate or above.

Vega Europe is a rubber with a reputation for stability, so it is more often used on the backside than the foreside. While beginners may put it on the foreface, but for intermediate players and above, it is recommended to put it on the backface and switch to a rubber with higher speed performance for the forehand.

Easy to block

Vega Europe is a rubber that does not bounce very much. It may not be enough for smashes and other offensive hits, but it is quite good for blocks and other defensive hits. If you want to stabilize your block, you may want to give it a try.


The length of life of table tennis rubbers varies greatly depending on the frequency of practice, the content of practice, and how the rubbers are used. Therefore, it is difficult to say that the life of Vega Europe is generally long or short. But you can consider it as average.

Vega Europe spec comparison table

Intro11.58.5 6.2
European defender10.59.77.0
Asian DF7.0 9.78.7
Asia7.0 8.88.7
Professional6.5 10.08.4


The Xiom Vega is a good alternative to the Xiom Omega IV Europe. Although the Omega IV Europe has a softer sponge, which provides more feel, the Xiom Vega is a bit faster with a higher throw angle and easier to use. In my opinion, the Vega will be very useful in defense (block and counter) against fast topspin shots due to its high throw angle.

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