How to play aggressive table tennis?(illustrated tactics)

Aggressive table tennis tactics.

Victory over an opponent is obtained due to one of two components: psychological attitude and technical superiority. Having one of the advantages allows you to win the meeting. 

The psychological attitude is important – this is the desire to fight for every point, despite the state of the score in the game.

The presence of tactics allows you to play meaningful table tennis. In order to deceive the enemy, it is necessary to use variable tactics.

That is, the game must have several different options for execution, which can confuse the opponent.

Modern table tennis has a pronounced aggressive-attacking component. According to statistics, an average of 80% of all ball draws are 3 hits. 

Therefore, it is necessary to take this into account when creating game tactics and focus on taking initiative and attack. 

Table tennis lessons should include a minimum of 15-20 minutes of training tactics and game combinations.

All tactics are based on the same principles: surprise for the opponent, controlling the ball, fettering counter-actions, pressure and attack. The surprise lies in combining different speeds and feed lengths and strokes. 

The control of the rally is to use lateral rotations to determine areas of further ball hits. The opponent is chained by giving the ball a lower rotation. 

And attacking and taking the initiative are key elements for winning the rally and the whole game.

Based on these principles, I identified 2 attacking strategies that are very simple to implement, but at the same time extremely effective!

Tactics of attacking table tennis No. 1

An important element of any tactic is the serve. It is already an element of attack and it is simply unacceptable to make mistakes on it or to do it carelessly! 

So, the first tactic is attacking and consists of pulling the enemy close to the grid with its feed with lateral rotation. 

Since the pitch has lateral rotation, the opponent’s ball will deviate from his chosen trajectory in the direction of the racket’s movement during the pitch. 

This allows you to expect the ball in the desired zone in advance and make your attack.

All tactics will be the following algorithm, consisting of three goals:

  • Feed with left lower lateral rotation from the left corner is close to the grid. The feed is a pendulum and is carried out by moving the racket from left to right.
  • The opponent plays with the right cut or stand.
  • Top Spin Attack
Tactics no 1

The advantage of aggressive tactics!

Due to the pendulum feed, the ball has not only lower rotation but also lateral. As a result, the opponent’s ball deviates from the straight path and falls either in the center of the table or under the right hand.

Even if he tried to throw the ball into the left corner of the table.

We know in advance the area where the ball will hit and this makes it possible to prepare in advance for a strong attack. 

The figure below shows the area of ​​the ball after the pendulum feed to the left with lateral lower rotation. 

It should be noted that each rotation serves a specific purpose, as the lower rotation fetters the enemy, preventing him from making an attack, while the lateral rotation directs the ball to the place or zone we need. 

Realizing this, we have an advantage in our presentation. The figure below shows the possible area of ​​hit of the ball during lateral rotation on the left.

Table Tennis Tactics No. 1! 
Area after the attack

Since the ball after taking his opponent goes to the right square – this allows a strong attack with the right top spin! You should always remember that the blow to the right has maximum strength and power.

Where to attack the 3rd ball in tactics number 1?

The top spin attack on the third ball is the end of this tactic and its implementation should be taken very carefully. The main thing, as they say, is to get to the table. 

If there are no problems with this, then two points can be distinguished where you can effectively hold a top-spin hit.

  • The attack is a long blow in the opposite direction. It’s simple, if the opponent took the ball of cuts right close to the net, then he should attack long into the left corner.
  • An attack in the center of the table directly at the enemy will allow him to be constrained. And even if the ball is taken he will not have the strength and this will not miss the initiative of the rally.

As can be seen from the figure, it is necessary to “stretch” the enemy on the table. The color shows the difficulty level for taking the ball at various points of impact. 

And the further and more uncomfortable we choose the point of direction of the top-spin, the more difficult it will be for him to take the ball. 

If the blow is to the right, where he just took the ball with a cut, then he can easily take it with a stand.

Table Tennis Tactics No. 1! 
Impact Direction Point

The game in the far right corner already complicates the taking of the ball by the fact that he will need to move a little from the table to the middle zone and take the correct position with his feet.

Tactics of aggressive table tennis no 2. 

The attack with a jump in the left corner
The next tactic also consists of using lateral rotation. If in the first tactic when giving the ball the lower side rotation was given to the right side, then here the ball is also given the lower side rotation, but to the left side. 

The main difference lies in the pitch itself – the closed pitch by the “pendulum”. This serve is also called the “Chinese pendulum,” because most Asian players start their draw with it.

Tactics has the following execution algorithm:

  • Filing with a pendulum with right lower lateral rotation close to the grid to the left side of the enemy.
  • Opponent takes feed with cut to the left. And due to the right lateral rotation, the ball from it returns to the left corner of the table.
  • Top-spin attack on the right in the left corner through the “jump”!
Table Tennis Tactics # 2! 
3-ball game combination

Since we attach the ball to the right lower lateral rotation at the pitch, the ball strives to return to the left square, even if the opponent tries to throw it to the right side. 

Waiting for a return allows you to take an attacking position in advance to hold a powerful top-spin in the center of the table or the left corner.

Table Tennis Tactics # 2! 
Ball Area

Let me remind you once again that the service itself is already an attacking element, and it is necessary to use it competently to create opportunities for fettering the enemy and making an attack on the third ball.

Where to attack the 3rd ball in tactics number 2?

Similarly to the first tactics considered, it is necessary to attack at the point at which it is most difficult to take. This point should be located as far as possible from the ball. 

Hitting the center or the right corner of the table will have the greatest effect, because the enemy will not only have to move further from the table, but also move to the right side. 

The figure below shows the areas of maximum efficiency for the top spin.

Table Tennis Tactics # 2! 
Game point

Advantages of aggressive tactics through a jump in the left corner

The main advantage of this tactic is to create the ability to do an attack on the third ball in the left corner. The ball has a fairly small area of ​​possible return. 

To facilitate the top-spin on the right on the third ball, the feed with the pendulum with the right lower lateral rotation can be closed.

As a result, we feed sideways in the left corner and our legs are already deployed for the top-spin on the right.

What about defense?

Yes, playing aggressive is real fun and could make your opponent unbalanced for sometimes but you need to relax and play defensive too according to the situation of the match.

Defense should be also an important weapon in your arsenal. Remember you need everything when you want to win a battle.


In this article, I tried to explain two classic tactics for an attacking table tennis game using innings with right and left lateral lower rotation. 

Work out these tactics with a sparring partner to own these, because it is not quantity that matters, but the quality of the execution. Add these techniques in your practices, strategies, and tactics.

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