Best Ping Pong Robots 2022: With Buyer’s Guide and Comparison

Best ping pong robots

Suppose you want to play table tennis, but you might not get someone like you with the exact schedule, dedication, and goal. Or you want to take yourself to the next level, but it’s pretty hard to find a consistent practice partner. Luckily, the touch of technology has brought unprecedented changes in all aspects of … Read more

Franklin Sports 9-ft Table Tennis Tables Review in 2022- Midsize included

franklin sports table tennis table review

Table tennis is a fun and exciting game that can be played with friends or family. The problem is, you need to buy a table in order to play the game. This means spending hundreds of dollars on an expensive piece of furniture that will only get used for one activity. Franklin Sports table tennis … Read more

5 best outdoor ping pong table cover 2022

best outdoor ping pong table cover

The best outdoor ping pong table covers will help you save your table for a long long time. The investment is really insignificant in terms of what you are getting in return.

Table tennis service rules – all you need to know

Tabble tennis service rules

The service rules of table tennis are very easy to understand, but there are several reasons why it’s good to know the service rules inside out. You see, in table tennis, you have to bounce the ball on your side of the table before hitting it over the net, or else you lose your point: … Read more

Best Ping Pong Paddles On Amazon: Make the right choice

best ping pong paddles on amazon

With the popularity of indoor activities on the rise, one thing that’s gotten immense focus is ping pong. Even before the pandemic hit, ping pong, or as the purists call it, table tennis, has always been popular amongst the general populace as an indoor sport.  As you first start playing the game, you can make … Read more

Best Ping Pong Paddles for Control to level up your game

best ping pong paddles for control

Fortune favors the prepared. And having the best equipment before diving into anytask is a sign of being prepared. Surely, you wouldn’t try to cross the pacific on acanoe. That’s just asking for failure. So instead, you’ll be taking proper measuresand ready the most suitable equipment before you go on your journey. The same thing … Read more

The winning JP Winlook ping pong paddle review 2022

JP Winlook ping pong paddle review

The JP Winlook ping pong paddle is a professional grade ping-pong table that can be used for both training and competition. The product has been designed with the help of three World Championship Champions, so it’s no surprise that this well-thought-out design offers excellent performance when playing on a quality table. The JP Winlook ping … Read more

Best Ping Pong Tables Canada in 2022(Indoor and Outdoor)

best ping pong tables canada

Ping pong has become a staple of dens, bars, offices, and most importantly, homes. There aren’t many better ways to unwind after a long day than a fun game of ping pong. And it’s one of the best ways to connect with your friends and family, have fun, and lose a few pounds in the … Read more

How to serve in table tennis Perfectly

how to serve in table tennis

Serving is one of the most contentious topics when playing ping pong between amateurs. And the rules for service are probably among the least respected in the game. Today we are going to talk about how to serve in table tennis easily and perfectly. Table tennis serve type list First of all, here is a … Read more