STIGA Space Saver Table Tennis Table Review 2020- Buy or not?

Stiga space saver table tennis table review

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Stiga is a popular and well-known brand in the field of table tennis for a long time. In today’s article, we are going to review the STIGA space saver table tennis table for you.

When you think of buying a table tennis table for your home as an enthusiast of table tennis but wonder, “Oh no! Where will I put that darn thing?”

A manageable solution to that problem would be buying a midsize space-saving table tennis tables like Stiga space saver.

We are going to talk about all the features, pros and cons, answer all the common questions about the STIGA Space Saver table tennis table and consider whether you should buy this thing or not.

Features of Stiga Space Saver table

Table tennis is certainly one of the pleasurable games in the world considering the increasing number of fans all over the world.

It is certainly the case if you ask me and one of the reasons many people think about buying a table tennis board for the home so that they can enjoy playing when friends and family get together during holidays.

As for me this Stiga table got perfect features to get you started.


If you are worried about the spaces it takes and the room you got is not quite enough to fit, then get a Stiga Space Saver solution.

Stiga Space Saver table length is 71 inches with 40.5 inches width and 30 inches of height. The height is similar and the length as well as the width is of ¾ of international dimension.

So that saves up a lot of space for you.

Table top

The table top Is made out of medium density fiberboard (MDF).  You can enjoy playing on this 5/8” table top as if you are playing on a full sized table because the ball has as much room to bounce and playability of this table top is also the same.

The playing surface is so smooth as it is lined with silkscreen striping which provides the tabletop a great look and perfect finish.

Keep in mind MDF is more dense than Plywood which enables strong bounce off the ground.


If you are worried about your floor getting damaged due to steel legs of the table then worry not, they got a solution for you.

Steel apron

It has a welded tubular steel apron to support the entire tabletop that makes sure the ball bounces evenly across the surface. It got the STIGA logo written on each side of the apron which looks real nice.


To complete the game the Stiga Space Saver table includes a full net and post system with adjustable leg levers to ensure level play on any surface. The net is approximately 38.5 inches, post set with string tension adjustment.

No assembling needed

You can relax if you are worried about unpacking it and doing the heavy work of assembly. This piece needs no assembly. Just unpack, unfold and start playing.


The STIGA space saver is easily foldable. Both the halves have a unique chassis design that allows individual parts to be stored separately and assembled when you wish to play. Isn’t that really cool!

How is the game experience?

The game experience of the Stiga Space Saver is really awesome. Mostly, because of the tabletop that makes the game feel really smooth and brings intensity when you get going.

The ball behaves really well. No unwanted ups and downs. Predictability is unmatched!

Watch a video review


Now let’s see all the pros Stiga tends to give you.

  • You will get an action-packed fun of a table tennis table without compromising space in your home. Stiga Space Saver table is a scaled-down size of about 6 feet long by 3 feet wide.
  • This table delivers authentic play at regulation height perfect for apartments, small office spaces or any tight space needing an added dose of fun.
  • The space saver comes fully assembled so you can simply unfold the table and begin a heated competition with your family and friends.
  • When you are done playing, the table is converted into storage dimension by tightly folding the legs into the tabletop that is suitable for an incredibly narrow space – perfect for a closet or shove it under the bed.
  • An independent table design with two unconnected halves that can be used separately as multi-purpose tables.
  • You can use one part of both halves to practice alone at home by backing it up to a wall in case you have no partner to play.
  • You can unbox it in literally 5 minutes and start playing connecting the net in between the 2 parts.
  • Great color combination, great finishing on the surface.
  • Perfect for beginners and home recreational use. You can also carry this table easily in a minivan or car while going on a picnic.
  • You can use each part to play cards, eat or even study.
  • Perfect for office use.
  • Perfect for indoors.
  • You can move this table easily to your basement or the garage.


  • The net posts are usually quite weak. Really thin metal which bends and folds quite poorly. I don’t know exactly why they put a cheap net on this sort of a fine table.
  • MDF(Stiga Space Saver table made with MDF) board is a laminated wood that uses recycled material of finer fiber than particle board.
    Many low cost table tennis tables are made with MDF.
    It is not as maintainable and durable as the melamine board, but it is a recommended material for anyone looking for a cheap international standard size table tennis table.
  • Both the parts have to connect by the net. You can’t move apart both the parts while playing.
  • Paddles and balls don’t come along. You have to buy them separately.
  • This is not useful for outdoor use as it’s not made with aluminium. It can wear out for extended use outdoors.
  • Not a good choice for the professionals.

Should you buy this Stiga space saver table?

After coming this far of the article I am sure you got the idea about who are the common users of this Stiga Space Saver compact table tennis table. 

This is perfect for

  1. Playing at home with friends and family
  2. Someone who is looking for a cheaper but somewhat durable table tennis table.
  3. The beginners.
  4. Kids or high school students.
  5. A great gift to present on Christmas.
  6. Playing at the office.
  7. Going to a picnic or vacation along with a table for extra fun.
  8. Home with a tiny space.
  9. Home with no extra space to use a table permanently or a longer period of time

This Stiga table is giving quite a lot for its price, I think. If you are asking my opinion I would say go for it.

Frequently asked questions

Q: Is it waterproof?

Ans: No it is not. So it is not recommended to play outside if there is a risk of raining.

Q: How much does it weigh?

Ans: About 73 lbs

Q: How does it feel to play on a small table like this one?

Ans: It doesn’t feel much difference if you are not too much adapted with a full sized table. But it can simply improve your game after on a smaller surface like this one.

Q: Can you use this outdoors?

Ans: Yes, you certainly can use this outdoors. Just be careful not to use this during rain or snowfall.

Final words

So how was the Stiga Space Saver table tennis table review?

When you want the competitive fun of a table tennis table in your home or office but are tight on space, choose the Stiga space saver table featuring compact storage. No assembly and the Stiga quality you can trust.

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