how to install pubg lite on pc

how to install pubg on pc

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The complete tutorial of PUBG Lite on PC from downloading to installation is explained in detail and does not require anyone else to get it done!


PUBG LITE is the low version of Jedi Battle Royale, a chicken game that is designed to run on low-configuration computers and is a standalone client.

This article is a detailed and complete tutorial for new players to solve the problem from downloading to installing PUBG Lite.

You can install it by yourself easily, don’t have to beg anyone else.

Official website, download address, and minimum computer configuration information.

The official website is accessed at:

Minimum computer hardware and software configuration.

Operating system support: Windows 7, 8, 10 64-bit operating systems.

Processor CPU: Core i3 2.4GHz

Memory: 4GB

GPU Graphics: Intel HD Grophics 4000

Local hard drive HDD: 4GB

Recommended software and hardware configuration for computers.

Operating system support: Windows 7, 8, 10 64-bit operating systems.

Processor CPU: Core i5 2.8GHz

Memory: 8GB

GPU Graphics: NVIDIA Geforce GTX 660 or AMD Rodron HD 7870

Local hard drive: 4GB

It is recommended to use the official website to download the installation package, which is the most secure.

As for the slow download speed, you can use an accelerator to solve the problem perfectly.

PUBG Lite can be downloaded from the official website:


Access the download page as shown above.

The following three software are dependent on PUBG Lite to run, and must be installed, it is recommended to install them in advance, otherwise the game will not run.

Microsoft Visual C++ Corresponding website download address.

Net Framework 4.5.2 corresponds to the official website download address.

DirectX 11 downloads from.

Drivers for the different graphics cards are also given as download links on the official website.

  1. Solve the problem of slow download speed
    In order to solve the slow download speed, we recommend you to use an online accelerator, official website:

The accelerator is simple and beautiful, supports PC and PS4, XBOX, NS and other host acceleration.

The uniquely intelligent and precise streaming acceleration technology, compared to traditional acceleration technology can achieve a faster connection to the server within 1 second while using efficient routing and mode dynamic intelligent optimization algorithm.

It can effectively solve the majority of problems caused by the ultimate user experience to achieve a faster and more stable acceleration.

Especially in the host game acceleration has the industry leader status.

Product Features.

  • support per-second billing, pause at any time, save hours permanently. Economical and user-friendly design.
  • a full range of supported games, with wide coverage and fast updates.
  • supports acceleration for PS4, NS, XBOX, and PC devices.
  • support for router plug-ins, PC client, dial-up, mobile hotspot, and PC client sharing.
  • UI interface is simple and beautiful, in line with the habits of the majority of users.
  • add “My Games”, support for accelerated game memory function.
  • one-button acceleration with an intelligent selection of nodes and acceleration modes.
  • support the manual selection of acceleration nodes and modes, enjoy all the fun of controlling the process.
  • comes with a set of commonly used tools: forced disconnection, network reset, uninstalling virtual network cards. Self-help to resolve anomalies.
  • supports mobile phone WeChat control to speed up settings, pause billing, identify hosts, and other operations.

Here is a screenshot of the official page.

Yiyou Online Accelerator
Yiyou Online Accelerator
The following figure shows the PC client UI page for the computer.

Select a dedicated PUBG Lite download line.

The successful effects of acceleration are as follows.

Select PUBG Lite download dedicated line:

The acceleration set up process is as follows:

The situation of downloading the startup program:

Computer security prompt, select “Keep”.

Then see the corresponding startup program in the download folder:

Right-click and execute as an administrator program, and the Windows 10 system prompts “Windows has protected your computer”, select “Execute anyway”:

Installation language, currently there is no simplified Chinese, you can choose English:

Then follow the installation wizard, step by step, click “Next“:

After choosing to agree to the terms of the agreement, continue to click “Next“:

Select the installation directory, which is on drive C by default:

Whether to create a desktop shortcut, if checked, the desktop will create a shortcut.

After the above steps are completed, click “Install” to start the installation:

Installation progress bar.

4.1 Installation error message: the file is being used by another program, and the process cannot access it.

The problem is as follows.

The problem is caused by the following Microsoft Visual

C++2017 doesn’t install for the reason that it will install automatically, but actually installation is still a bit problematic and requires a computer restart. So the recommendation is to install it right from the start as warned at the beginning of the article.

After completing the above installation, remind whether or not to restart the computer. Choose to restart your computer.

4.2 Running the program after restarting the computer prompted Launcher.exe – System Error
The problem is illustrated in the following figure.

Follow the prompts, reinstall the program, and continue through the above steps.

4.3 Launcher.exe – system error
The following error messages and problems are reported.

Code execution could not continue because MSVCP140.dll could not be found. Reinstalling the program may resolve the issue.

The cause of the problem is the Visual C++ installation, re-download and install from the official website.

The above is the official website download address, the following screenshot is the official website download.

Performing installation as administrator.

Agree to the terms of the licence.

Completion of installation.

4.4 .NET Framework Installation
Official Website Download Address.

Running as an administrator.

When you are prompted that it is installed, just close it.

4.5 After restarting your computer, click the PUBG Lite icon on your desktop.
Start logging into the game client.

Enter your username and password.

If you do not have a registered account, go to the following address to register your user.

While logged in, enter the client UI interface.

Before clicking “Install”, remember to start the accelerator and select the node “dedicated for pubglite download”.

Click “OK”, you will be prompted to use the accelerator successfully.

If the “Update” button appears on the client, you also need to start the accelerator first.

Download and installation process.

The progress bar shows the progress of the installation, the specific download speed depends on the region and their own broadband conditions.

Fast areas can reach more than 10 megabytes per second, slow areas are estimated to be around 1 megabyte.

The installation or update is complete. Display the “Start” button.

4.6 Report an error because DirectX is not installed
Specific error messages and problematic phenomena are as follows.

Click the “Yes” button to download automatically.

Complete the installation.

When prompted for a security alert, select “Allow Access”.

4.7 Getting started with the game
Consent to Services and Privacy Policy.

2nd process

If you are excited to play PUBG and have not yet played or will not be able to play properly in your android device.

I am going to let you know about BlueStacks one of the best android emulators for PUBG that you can play on your PC for free and worry-free for anything else.

This emulator is also famous, and yes, it works for almost any application.

But here we have moved to the fourth position as we are only talking about the PUBG game here. For other applications, this emulator is always on top.

We have also used this emulator to play a militia mini-game on PC and for other applications.

As the app has millions of users and large chunks of users still trust this emulator.

To compete in the market, the BlueStacks brings support with the PUBG mobile game which has significantly increased the downloads of the emulator.

Now PUBG is supported by BlueStacks, and even the game runs smoothly. The controls are smooth and the precision is precise.

This means you can easily install and play the PUBG game for free in Bluestacks emulator.


How to install PUBG FREE FOR PC?

Once you have installed BlueStacks on your PC.

Complete the one-time setup and go to the BlueStacks home page and

search for Google Play Store.

In Google Play Store, search for “PUBG Mobile”.

Click the green download button that appears at the top left above the word “PUBG Mobile”.

Wait for the download to complete and install the game in your BlueStacks window.

When the installation is complete, click the PubG Mobile icon in the My Apps tab.

All is done! Now you can enjoy and play PUBG on your PC or Laptop.

Wrapping up

Finally, congratulations, welcome to the pit, enjoy PUBG, have fun.

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